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Walkable fountains in 2 squares of Nouakchott. Mauritania.

Nouakchott (Arabic: نواكشوط‎; Berber: Nwakcoṭ, derived from Berber Nawākšūṭ, “place of winds”) is the capital and most populous city of Mauritania. It is one of the largest cities in the Sahel and also serves as the administrative and economic center of Mauritania.

Panoramic view of one of the squares in Nouakchott where the project was carried out.

The city is the center of Mauritania’s economy and is home to a deep-water port and Nouakchott-Umtunsy International Airport, one of the country’s two international airports. It houses the University of Nouakchott and several other more specialized institutes of higher education.

Operator working during one of the moments of the reform of the square.

Recently, 2 of the city’s main squares have been renovated: Ibn Abbas and Tevragh Zeina. Modern walkable fountains from Lumiartecnia have been installed in both squares.

Image taken during one of the installation phases showing the checkerboard-shaped design.

Ibn Abbas Square

Famous for adjacent to the main mosque of the city that gives its name to the square. 3 walkable fountains with 12 LI-F5300 jets with a checkerboard design are arranged along the diagonal axis of the square at distances of about 50 m between each one. The square, the largest in size in the capital of Mauritania, is paved with rich shades of color from the local limestone, giving the space a modern yet indigenous feel. The square is completed with abundant plants and palm trees, which with the water from the walkable fountains create a true Oasis in the city and avant-garde urban furniture and designer streetlights with LED lighting.

The three fountains shine and change colors at dusk, illuminating and cheering the citizens who come to this important meeting point to walk and cool off after a hot day.

Night display of the fountain and its chromatic variety in operation.

Tevragh Zeina Square

Remodeled by the same team of architects and engineers from the Ministry of Housing that Ibn Abbas carried out, it shares the same spirit of open and diaphanous spaces in which the design of the pavement and a central walkable fountain stand out, in a checkered area, consisting of 16 compact LI-F5300 jets from Lumiartecnia.

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