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Metropolitan Park Urban Oasis and Interactive Walkable Fountain.

With access from Avenida de España, it has seven themed play areas, inclusive and for all ages, where you can perform different activities such as jumping, swinging, hanging, riding, climbing, sliding and getting wet.

The unique park that houses a 12,000m2 play area, which has just been inaugurated, will be a benchmark of fun and coexistence for the citizens. It is a new point of reference inside and outside the municipality due to its character as an emblematic, singular and unique project, where any child who comes, of whatever age, will enjoy the natural, green, pleasant environment, but above all, children’s games that are unique. It is, in short, a space for families, a place for children to meet, coexist and have fun.

Among other elements there are inflatables, elastics and rotating ones to jump; a large structure with 72 swings of different sizes and shapes; a huge net stretched on masts for climbing and hanging; a 12 meter high tower, three slides, which adapt to the topography to slide; a water installation on a sand bed with associative and sensory games for the summer, and an interactive and participatory fountain 20 meters in diameter.

This walkable fountain has a beautiful circular design, elegantly covered with granite stones of various light tones, marking the successive concentric circles that allow the perfect integration, at ground level, of our range of compact walkable fountains. This participatory fountain provides a safe and inclusive play environment, creating a collaborative environment, in which children have fun cooling off in the water games.

The walk-through fountain incorporates a wide variety of LI-F5000, LI-F5200 water jets and LI-F5500 interactive elements that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. The changing patterns, varying heights and rapid changes of directions in the water spouts offer dynamic play experiences, encouraging children to explore, experiment and engage in cooperative play.

There are trees on all the paths, creating canopies of shade. They are leafy deciduous trees with strong chromatic changes depending on the seasons of the year, as well as on slopes and play areas, as well as both evergreen and deciduous trees in the area dedicated to pasture, where some holm oaks still survive. isolated, reaching 1,000 copies.

As a complement to the walks, facilitated by the paths and the play areas, the park offers living and recreational spaces between meadows, pastures, which will occupy 16,000 m2, as well as benches to sit at the limits of the games.

 “The Government team has thought of a project model that takes into consideration fun and the transmission of values and integration to create a space of happiness.”

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