This playful walkable fountain due to its beautiful design, its perfect integration into the environment, its function as a safe and fun bathing area and its attractive spectacle of water-color, will become a reference for the future design of new Urban Oasis in other localities.

Metropolitan Park Urban Oasis and Interactive Walkable Fountain

The Metropolitan Park interactive walkable fountain, 20 m in diameter, has a beautiful circular design, elegantly covered with granite stones of various light tones, marking the successive concentric circles that allow the perfect integration, at ground level, of the range of compact walkable jets from Lumiartecnia. This participatory and walkable fountain provides a safe and inclusive play environment, creating a collaborative environment, in which children have fun cooling off in the water games.

The walk-through fountain incorporates a wide variety of LI-F5000, LI-F5200 water jets and LI-F5500 interactive elements that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. The changing patterns, varying heights and rapid changes of directions in the water spouts offer dynamic play experiences, encouraging children to explore, experiment and engage in cooperative play.

Project Photos

The fountain’s primary use during the day, especially on hot days, is as a zero-depth pool, providing a safe, engaging, and inclusive water play experience for people of all ages, while promoting water conservation, accessibility and user enjoyment.