An impressive 42 m long, curved digital water curtain has just been inaugurated, integrated into the elegant cantilever placed at the main square of Las Arenas shopping center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

DWC CC Las Arenas

The digital water curtain was the surprise reserved for the culmination of the shopping center’s traditional Christmas tree lighting party, coinciding with its 30th anniversary.

This facility is the largest of its kind in the Canary Islands and has already become a new icon of the shopping center and one more tourist reference to add to the attractions of the Canary capital.

The curtain surprises visitors both with its attractive dynamic shapes and rich coloring, always in continuous evolution, and for its informative and promotional use of the notable events held in the shopping center.

Visitors can interact with the DWC by using the App Controlidor, drawing and writing texts that are immediately printed in the water of the fountain to the surprise and delight of the youngest users who have fun in this ultra-advanced technology fountain.

Project Photos

A selection of photos that describe our project and its development.