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Plaza de España. Alcázar of San Juan.

Remodeling of the Plaza de España, an integrative, accessible and sustainable square.

3D modeling of the plaza to present the remodeling project and its creative proposal.

Water appears as the protagonist of this remodeling of the Plaza de España, in a walkable “playful fountain” that launches its 10 compact LI-F5300 jets from the ground for the enjoyment, especially of the little ones. The two rows of 5 parallel jets are illuminated in colors at night using Lumiartecnia’s range of RGBW ring spotlights with DMX control.

Detailed view of the compact LI-F5300 dispensers installed on the floor of the Plaza.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are now arranged at ground level and unify the identifying colors of the environment in almagra.

Final result of the walkable recreational fountain.

The remodeling of the Plaza de España Alcázar de San Juan, a city for the 21st century, has several backbones of sustainable development. It is a square designed to gain space for vehicles in favor of pedestrians, it is therefore a completely accessible square, all at the same level, with lines that allow the visually impaired to know at all times where in the square they are and it is easier for them to use it. It has sustainability measures collected in several aspects: energy efficiency and lighting and, on the other hand, sustainable mobility, with various measures, among which the stop of accessible and free ecological buses stands out, which have already been circulating in the city for some time. a year, and also a bicycle collection point, from the municipal service.

The square is a meeting point to live it, to share it, to take care of it and to enjoy it, which is reflected both in the models of children’s play and in the models of street furniture themselves, with benches that invite integration, inclusion, to conversation, in short, to be all together. This project adapts perfectly to the idiosyncrasy of the citizens of Alcázar de San Juan and respects their identity.

The fountain has transformed the space of the square into a fresh, playful and social environment.

The architect, Miguel Jareño, has carried out a thorough study on the history and function of the square in Alcázar de San Juan, working from respect for the historical footprint, contemplating the development of the potential that the environment has, especially for the great commitment that the city council has made to eliminate road traffic from the entire square. Including the section between Dr. Bonardell and its confluence with General Benavent García Street, which creates a central urban space available for public use of about 7,000 square meters, which is the area of action in which the reform of the square. Of them, more than 2000 meters are shade trees (plantain trees) with a recovery of green spaces.

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