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Walkable Fountain-Aquatic Ballet in Puerto Portals. Majorca.

Puerto Portals is widely known as the most glamorous marina on the island and one of the best quality ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It has become an attractive destination for the rich and famous to moor their yachts who enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and it’s year-round buzz. It’s the place to visit for designer shopping, people watching and first-class restaurants and bars. 

Puerto Portals has been recently expanded with the new addition of 180-space underground car park, two buildings with more shops, restaurants and nautical services, a new ‘beach club’ with panoramic views and a modern gym of more than 600 square meters facing the bay.  

In the central space of the plaza, above the parking, a modern dry deck fountain refreshes the elegant atmosphere with the dynamic display of the fountain jets which constantly evolve and create new water shapes in a very appealing and eye-catching way.

The walkable fountain has a very sleek design, integrating the filtrating stainless steel lids perfectly recessed with the pavement red stones.

The fountain is composed by 16 LI-F5300 compact jets. Every jet is controlled independently, using Lumiartecnia´s proprietary technology, varying the jet heights from few centimeters up to 3 m.

The accurate electronic control and Controlidor software allows to display the 16 fountain jets as if they were a single unit, creating in this way elaborated 3D sequences and water displays which give a visual impression as if the fountain is flowing waves, always changing in shape and height, in a real time water sculpture.

The walkable fountain is also an Aquatic Ballet at night. Dancing and color changing the water jets at the rhythm of the ambient music to entertain and refresh the plaza while the visitors enjoy their meals at the fancy restaurants around the fountain.

Credits: Lumiartecnia Internacional

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