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Photographic fountains as monumental installations


With today’s technological advances in digital printing for large format images, along with inks that are now designed to withstand outdoor exposures, and ways for providing the printed image a viable protection from weather; the possibilities for creating photo-sculptural installations of large dimensions are extraordinary.

ART IN AQUA and LUMIARTECNIA INTERNATIONAL present four photographic fountains as possible monumental installations.


The project “Visual Poetry in Water” consists of placing four monumental installations in public spaces. Each installation consists of a structure that has 4 walls each being approximately 6 meters high and 9 meter wide. They are symmetrically placed inside a circle of approximately 25 meters, which will serve as the base for the installation as well as the deposit for the water used in the photographic fountain. Each wall is made of printed sheets of aluminum especially designed for digital printing, prepared and protected for outdoor exposures and installations. This structure is relatively simple to build, and it is designed to resist winds, rains and other weather hazards. Therefore we have a photographic display of spectacular and monumental dimensions.

The images used for the photographic fountains are of water as seen by artist Ricardo B. Sanchez. His idea of combining images of water as a moment frozen in time, with flowing water that runs along the face of the prints, creates a visual metaphor of what seeks to be permanent with that which is in constant flow or forever changing. Each photographic fountain is designed to allow sheets or thin films of water to flow from top to bottom. As with all closed circuit fountains, the water is collected at the base and pumped up to the top of the structure to create a continues flow. The volume of water flowing down the surface of the printed image will depend on the context of the imagery, some flows will be more peaceful and others will be more vigorous. The lighting for each photographic fountain will be adapted to the visual needs of each installation. The end result is an innovative and spectacular way of presenting the relationship of water as a fixed image with ornamental water fountains and all this stands for.

All most obsessively, our rich and complex world of water has been the source of inspiration for great artist and scientists. During the past century and in our present day, water has provided a fertile field for scientific investigation and artistic experimentation. Water is the element with which we identify the possibility for life; it therefore provides the vital environment for creation and change. We are water, and in good measure, our well-being depends on how well we take care of this life sustaing element.

The transformation of water in the course of lifeThese four images of waterfalls defying gravity represent the vitality and energy contained in water. They are emblematic images of the strength, and of the transforming capacity water has in the course of life.      
The different physical states of waterThese are four images of icebergs in the ocean, and they represent how water has the capacity to be present in 3 distinct physical shapes. Solid ice in the north and south pole, liquid in the seas, rivers and lakes, and gaseous in mist and clouds. Each one of these states is being affected by human intervention in the global environment.  
Rational order in the use of waterThese four images are of calm and pure water belonging to a mountain stream. We can see how the force of the water has placed the stones in an orderly fashion, thereby creating a visual metaphor for the need to generate a rational and orderly conduct in our use of water.  
Water and sustainable development
Water and sustainable developmentThese four images are of a whirlpool as it is being flushed down the toilet. This visual context is a symbol of our ever changing consciousness, and an invitation to question just how conscious we are. At the same time, these images can stimulate us to reflect upon how we use this precious natural resource and it can encourage us to meditate on “WATER AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.  

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