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Show in the Gardens of the Alcázar of Córdoba.

Fountain show in the Christian gardens of the Alcázar of Córdoba

Panoramic image that captures a moment of the night show.

‘Raíces’ is a project conceived especially for the Alcázar Gardens that offers visitors a multimedia experience, where light, water, art and music pay homage to the cultural wealth of Córdoba. An experience that is having a great reception among the people of Cordoba and visitors.

Lumiartecnia has participated in this Multimedia project by restoring the 4 pre-existing cybernetic fountains, replacing the entire previous obsolete Control system with the advanced Controller hardware and software, which allows perfect synchronization of all the elements of the garden fountains (valves, lights, pumps). and video projections) so that the water fountains, of various shapes, dance and change colors to the rhythm that marks the global spectacle of Raíces.

Each of the 4 cybernetic sources has been restored and tuned by the Lumiartecnia team.

The powerful Controlidor system allows remote control via the Internet, so that shows can be synchronized, updated and managed comfortably from the show’s remote management center and even provide real-time support from any computer connected to the system.

All previous incandescent lighting of the 4 fountains has been replaced by LED light projectors from the LI-L1500 RGB LED range, with high luminous output and low consumption, which has allowed very significant energy savings, now making a more sustainable and better lit.

Group of visitors enjoying the show, a synergy between music, lighting, cybernetic fountains and video art.

‘Raíces’ is a very careful project focused especially on offering the visitor a multimedia experience, where light, water, art and music play a very important role. Its location has been chosen to enhance a first-class enclave such as the Alcázar Gardens. Raíces aims to become a focus of attraction for both the people of Córdoba and for visitors who want to enjoy the cultural wealth of the city.

The project presents a spectacle of music, lighting, cybernetic fountains and video art. The show mixes tradition and modernity, fusing music and state-of-the-art lighting, with a modern narrative for all audiences and a universal language that will thrill any local and visitor to Córdoba, turning it into an unparalleled experience that will remain engraved in the retina of their minds. viewers.

About Naturaleza Encendida

It is presented as a meeting place between science and art to help us understand biological development and the influence that human beings are exerting on the environment. Following these precepts, Naturaleza Encendida is conceived as a sustainable project, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved in 2015 by the United Nations.

Naturaleza Encendida has its own narrative that adapts to the space and changes with each edition. A concept that contributes to the development of a continuous event over time that supports the creation of recurring value and the positioning of cultural innovation for entities and their territories.

A new form of safe entertainment that transports the viewer, during the walk, to unexplored universes of audiovisual sensations. Naturaleza Encendida is a project that has already had a great presence in several cities in Spain, from Barcelona, through Valencia to the Islands in Tenerife. This year, in addition to its landing in Córdoba, Naturaleza Encendida celebrates its fourth edition with the Origen show, in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, a project created in collaboration with the CSIC and which each year surpasses records of reception by Madrid residents and visitors from all over the world.

Its edition at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid has become the starting signal for Christmas in Madrid, selling 250,000 tickets this year before its inauguration on November 14.

For more information

Naturaleza Encendida, ‘Raíces’ will open in Córdoba from November 24, 2022, from Monday to Friday from 8 p.m. until the last screening at 10:15 p.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. Passes every 15 minutes. Tickets will be on sale starting today, Friday, October 7, with prices starting at €12 (general admission) through the website Naturalezaencendida.com


From November 24, 2022

*Closed December 24 and 31

*Check holiday dates on the website

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