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Mural Waterfall at Four Seasons Hotel, Madrid.

The recently opened Canalejas Gallery is a revolution in shopping and lifestyle in southern Europe. In its more than 15,000 m2, you can buy luxury items from the most select brand stores in the world. Among many others there will be: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Loewe and Hermès.

Jewelers and perfumeries occupy the first and second floors, while the Food Hall is located on the third floor. This huge gastronomic space has a market for gourmet products, haute pastries, and some 15 restaurants, in which the chef Dani García (three Michelin stars) stands out, located in the attic, which includes magnificent views of downtown Madrid.

In the architectural complex, the five-star Hotel Four Seasons stands out, whose interior design has been partly commissioned by the American studio Bamo. The hotel houses more than 200 rooms. The rest of the accommodations are 22 private residences, offering hotel services to the owners.

In the open courtyard of the Four Seasons hotel, Lumiartecnia Internacional has developed an elegant mural waterfall, in the shape of a triptych, clad in green Macael marble. The wall fountain has a height of 4,75 m and a total length of 10 m. The cascade of water that slides down the stone is formed by a linear collector in which a series of LI-6010 nozzles are arranged at regular intervals for the formation of a sheet of water, which create a uniform projection on the marble wall, so that the slipping water flows continuously and crystal clear throughout its length.

These LI-6010 nozzles are adjustable, removable, and easy to maintain, which makes them the ideal nozzle for creating water murals in which a perfect and uniform sheet of water is required.

The water wall is illuminated with warm white linear LED projectors located along the base of the fountain. The bottom of the pond is lined with white river stones, which serve as a natural filter, helping the purification system of the fountain to be more sustainable, by requiring less frequent maintenance and cleaning of the system filters.

The exterior appearance of the Canalejas Gallery has not changed its genuine structure and the construction process has been completed according to the Leadership in Energy & Enviroment Desig (LEED) scales, a sustainable building certification system, developed by the Construction Council United States Green (US Green Building Council). All of this guarantees an energy efficient building, which uses alternative energies, in accordance with environmental standards and with charging areas for electric vehicles.


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