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Miguel Angel Blanco Park. Boadilla del Monte.

The comprehensive remodeling of the Miguel Ángel Blanco park, located in the Valenoso area, at the confluence of Víctimas del Terrorismo avenue and Cristóbal Colón street, was inaugurated on Saturday, June 18, 2022, after making a floral offering in front of the installed monolith in memory of the mayor of Ermua.

Commemorative plaque in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco, Spanish politician murdered on July 13, 1997 by the terrorist group ETA.

In the park, the triangular-shaped walkable fountain stands out, made up of 15 compact LI-F5300 jets, which works almost like a zero-depth pool and has become the reference point for the youngest (and not so young) to play. and cool off in its water jets on Madrid’s hot days of summer.

Triangular walkable fountain with 15 compact LI-F5300 jets.

The walkable fountain, apart from being an essential ornamental element, creates a true oasis in the park, helping to reduce the “heat island” effect by adding humidity to the surrounding air, making the temperature in its surroundings appear warmer. pleasant.

At night, the fountain becomes a water-color spectacle that visitors enjoy watching how the jets evolve and change color in a dynamic and surprising way.

The Miguel Ángel Blanco park occupies an area of 26,000 m2, divided into two areas by the livestock route that crosses it. Four play areas have been installed there, for different ages: one with water and sand for the little ones; another with a large set of inclusive children’s games; a third with large slides adapted to the terrain and a final gym area with wooden equipment

Aerial view of the park. At the bottom of the photo we can see the triangular walkable fountain installed by Lumiartecnia technicians.

The roads and the cattle track have been cobbled and improvements have been made to the gardens, which have included the planting of trees.

Snapshot of a group of children playing and cooling off inside the fountain.

In addition to these actions, a space has been reserved as a picnic area in which, in the future, a restaurant will be installed.

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