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DWC at Mississippi Children’s Museum

The Literacy Garden at Mississippi Children’s Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience for children to cultivate early childhood literacy skills in an exciting, imaginative outdoor environment. The garden has been a statewide collaborative effort between renowned education and design partners to provide unparalleled experiences to all of Mississippi’s children. In the garden children will unlock wonders and adventures untold. Following the Topsy Turvy Pathway, children will make their way through the garden discovering a whimsical world of tall tales, magical experiences and larger-than-life fantasies.

Along their journey, the 20-feet tall Dancing Digital Water Curtain, with words and pictures revealed in the cascading water, compels children to splash and play in its soft current.

This magical Digital Water Curtain has been developed by Lumiartecnia America and Vortex International to create a unique water experience for children who can interact with the dancing waterfall while writing letters, texts or painting with their fingers using the Controlidor application in their tablets or smartphones.

The The Literacy Garden at The Mississippi Children’s Museum provides children with a unique, innovative learning experience that integrates the arts, literacy, health and nature. Children and adults alike are sure to find something special in the garden that inspires them to unlock their imagination and create their own stories.

Dancing Waters Wordfall: Journey to this mist-filled corner of the garden to take in a soaring sight – looming 20 feet above the garden, a vast waterfall waits to greet you with patterns and words within its dancing waters. See what words you can spot, and duck inside the roaring waters through tunnels at the base.

Fairytale Mushroom Forest: Seek shelter under a mushroom cap in this pink and playful forest, and find new friends in the rhymes and riddles that wait to greet you. Get ready to conquer dragons, rescue maidens and overcome all odds to live happily ever after!

Rhythmic Sound Story Sculpture: Travel to new worlds when you walk into this 3D grid of spiraling sculptures! Let the clangs of musical instruments, cries of wild animals and the ABC’s of language sweep you along on an imaginary journey.

Topsy Turvy Pathway: Follow the meandering pathway as you travel along the many twists and turns of your journey. Adventure and excitement lurk around every corner, and make-believe and mystery abound.

Tall Tale Tree House: Tuck yourself away beneath the towering canapy of trees, or travel to the very top to see what you can see. Join the Swiss Family Robinson or form your own band of lost boys (or girls!) and don’t come down until your tall tale is at an end.

Root Climber: Burrow under or clamber over this enlarged root system, and unearth your inner creepy, crawly critter.

Jack and the Beanstalk Edible Garden: Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell imagination! Play a part in tending to the garden’s climbing vegetables, and cultivate your imagination at the same time! Grow the beanstalk to the sky – but be prepared for what you could produce (there are GIANT surprises in store)!

Act it Out Amphitheater: Gather with friends in the garden’s sunken arena to put on a play! Perform a timeless tale, or craft characters from scratch – use your journey through the garden as inspiration for your masterpiece.

Work of Art Writing Stations: Get creative at these nature-inspired writing stations! Visitors of all ages can use this space as an outlet for their artistic imagination. Children have the opportunity to relax under the shade trees while they draw, color or write.

Desert Island Exploration: Take a trip to the beach and dip your toes in the sand. Stranded on a desert island or searching for buried treasure, toddles in particular will dig up an adventure in these playful sand rings.

Creativity Wall: Just one corner of the garden that inspires creativity, this erasable wall is the perfect place to share your own story. Use the cues to create a tale or draw outside the lines – creativity encouraged!


DWC Mississippi Children’s Museum from Lumiartecnia Internacional on Vimeo.

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