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Digital Water Curtain at Lakeside Mall, New Orleans

In the recent remodeling of Lakeside Mall, in New Orleans, stands out the interactive 24′ long Digital Water Curtain, surprising visitors with an attractive tapestry of water patterns and playful interactive games using tracking cameras.

This project was made in collaboration with Cactus, a Brooklyn based company specializing in tech design and interactive software applications. They were resposible for the tracking camera software interface to communicate with the Digital Water Curtain.

The Digital Water Curtain in this project it is specially adapted to be placed indoors in a shopping environment, this means it has to work almost all day, every single day of the year, must be almost maintenance free and must have no splashing out of the designed wet areas.

The Digital Water Curtain is fully integrated into the ceiling above forming part of the existing architecture and becoming an iconic element in the shopping Mall. The high waterfall creates a smooth rain sound and a relaxing atmostphere while weaving evolving eye catching water shapes colorfully lighted with RGB LED illumination from above the water curtain.

The collaborative process was successfully developed following Catus’s working schedule for all the companies involved in the construction. All teams developed their part in the time frame given, allowing the refurbishment process to flow efficiently in a very professional way. The Digital Water Curtain was installed in just one week, at a working height of 20 feet, including the piping and filtration system.

The water is at all times filtered and recirculated to keep it always clean. The undergroung catch basin is covered with a splash mat material to cushion the falling droplets so there is no splashing beyond the predesigned wet areas.

The Digital Water Curtain is placed in a main plaza, so the visitors now have an open space to relax, enjoy and have fun with the interactive water patterns

Aknowledgement: Video below and renders courtesy of Cactus.

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