Two of the city’s main squares have recently been renovated in Nouakchott: Ibn Abbas and Tevragh Zeina. Modern walkable fountains from Lumiartecnia have been installed in both squares.

Walkable fountains in 2 squares of Nouakchott. Mauritania.

Ibn Abbas Square

Three walkable fountains with 12 LI-F5300 jets with a checkerboard design are arranged along the diagonal axis of the square at distances of about 50 m between each one.

Tevragh Zeina Square

In the center of the square there is a walkable square fountain, in a checkered area, made up of 16 compact jet LI-F5300 fountains from Lumiartecnia.

All these fountains shine and change colors at dusk, illuminating and cheering the citizens who come to these important meeting points to walk and cool off after the hot African days.

Project Photos

A selection of photos that describe our project and its development.