The elegant fountain design, with its original architecture of illuminated geometric shapes, creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that fills the commercial space with the sound of water produced by its numerous and varied fountains in the pond.

CC Open Mall. Arrecife. Lanzarote.

An Aquatic Ballet has been installed at the CC Open Mall Lanzarote, designed to suit the space that refreshes and enlivens the commercial environment with its flowing aquatic shapes, spectacularly illuminated with LI-L1000 RGBW submersible LED light projectors with DMX control.

The Fountain Architecture is composed of 2 clouds of water, formed by LI-4053 spray nozzles, and 3 groups of LI-5200 adjustable jets distributed in stainless steel collectors in the shape of squares and circles, to form water towers with heights variables, according to the programming of the Controller computer system.

Project Photos

A selection of photos that describe our project and its development.