Placed right in the heart and hub of the city, Houston Center presents an innovative space for innovative thinkers, connecting places to people and people to each other in this modern and dynamic mixed-use office campus with the amenities to retain and attract top talent. Doers and thinkers, dreamers and pioneers are welcome here!.

Digital Water Curtain at Houston Center. Houston, Tx.

Placed at the outdoor plaza, there is a modern digital water curtain Gateway, an iconic architecture element to bring freshness and relaxation into the environment. The digital waterfall weaves elaborated water patterns dynamically changing in flowing sequences, creating in this way an innovative 21st century water architecture feature with state-of-the-art technology.

Project Photos

The 20’ long Digital Water Curtain drops the water graphics and patterns from a 16’ height, raining down to entertain, amaze and refresh the people around in the city’s hot summer days.