Digital Water Mural®

An exclusive architectural element, patented by Lumiartecnia

The Digital Water Mural® is a new and exclusive architectural element, patented by Lumiartecnia International. Designed especially for interiors, it is the ideal solution for spaces that want to incorporate a decorative and technological aquatic element in their designs, creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Digital Water Mural

A worldwide innovation of Lumiartecnia

The Digital Water Mural generates a relaxing spring in your interior space.

The Digital Water Mural creates an attractive and relaxing water tapestry that continuously generates changing forms and patterns of water, as well as original and striking multicolored LED lighting sequences, transforming the space into a place where people want to stay, giving the impression of that the room expands as if it had a wider horizon.

It is designed to be visible on both sides, so it can be installed against a wall, as a stand-alone element or as a room divider, which allows the possibility of separating different areas within an interior space.
It is highly interactive by downloading the custom application to play and control the DWM.

It is highly interactive by downloading the custom application to play and control the DWM.

The video projection on its textured surface allows its use as a large screen to inform, advertise or entertain guests while interacting with the Digital Water Mural.
It is the perfect option to highlight shop windows, restaurants, hotels, casinos, entertainment venues, party halls, spas, offices and modern interior spaces.

Digital Water Mural

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Digital water mural features

Main features:

• Very silent
• Does not splash
• Low water and energy consumption
• Closed water circuit
• Simple maintenance
• Custom design
• Can be used as a video projection screen
• Modular (adaptable in size up to 3m high and 1.4m wide)
• It can be controlled from an exclusive App

An internationally recognized invention

The Digital Water Mural® has been awarded 3 prestigious innovation awards at the International Exhibition of Inventions held in Geneva (April 2017):

• Award for Best Industrial Design
• Gold Medal with special mention of the jury
• Best Spanish Patent


Interactive Possibilities

By downloading our application, users will be able to view the water graphics, write texts, control the lights, change the projection videos, play music while the colors change in the DWM, interact with the DWM through the motion sensor, etc.

Interactive water architecture

Interactive Water Architecture

The DWM® can be customized for any project, varying in height, width and type of installation:

• Elegant and compact design, all mounted on a stainless steel frame and tank.
• Compact electronic equipment including Controlidor® Software
• Ultrafast silent action valves
• Video projection quality textured iron
• RGBW LED lights
• Video Motion sensors (optional)
• Video projector (optional)

4 types of DWM

According to the type of installation, there are 4 models:

1. Stand Alone: Independent module with custom dimensions
2. Water Wall: Textured panel with Frame and water sliding down the front
3. Dry Wall: Textured panel with Frame and water sliding behind
4. Glass: Glass on one side & panel with water from behind

The DWM can be tailored to each project

Architectural Uses:

• Interior spaces as a room divider
• Interior spaces as wall covering
• Spas and Wellness
• Museums and Exhibitions
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Entertainment places
• Shopping centers & Showcases
• Corporate offices
• Fairs & Trade Shows
• Advertising with video projection
• Residences

Digital water architecture

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