Controlidor® Software

The most powerful control for all Fountain types.

Controlidor® is the most powerful software with more features on the market for the control and operation of all types of Fountains, including Aquatic Ballets, which require a perfect synchronization of water-color-music scenarios.

Main features of Controlidor® Software:

Controlidor Software features

Controlidor® software is developed by specialists in Fountain Engineering to effectively solve all the control, operation and maintenance tasks of the installation.

Remote control through the internet of the installation. Control and monitoring of the fountain can be done from anywhere in the world, through access to our server.

It allows controlling any element connected to the fountain: pumps, valves, water mechanisms, LED projectors, digital control electronics and DMX, filtering and chemical systems, etc., automatically, individually and interactively.

Powerful 3D simulator that shows in real time the fountain evolutions and the operating status of any component of the installation.

Very intuitive, easy to use, works 24/7.

Lumiartecnia provides remote technical assistance through the internet immediately, resolving in real time any incident of the system, regardless of its location.

It has a flexible calendar tool that allows you to customize daily, weekly, monthly or specific dates. With it you can program the operation of the customized installation for each day of the year, in a comfortable and simple way.

From the information window it is possible to access all the relevant data of the system and to configure the settings of the inputs and outputs of the system.

In case of alarm, the system will act according to the programmed settings from the control panel, either informing of the alarm in question or stopping the installation until the fault is corrected. In both cases, the system will send a message to the maintenance technician to notify him immediately of the incident.

Controlidor® also supervises the filtration and purification equipment of the installation, taking care that the chemical control levels and the functioning of the equipment are correct. In case of alarm or system levels are out of range, will automatically stop the installation and notify the technical service.

Firing automatic lighting to sunset, depending on the application of the astronomical clock adapted to each country, integrated into Controlidor®.

Controlidor Software features
Controlidor Software features

Controlidor® integrates the powerful ‘Omnicolor’ algorithm that allows the control of the lighting and color of the fountain so that the light can change to the rhythm of the music automatically, creating highly aesthetic and complex color sequences that enhance dramatically the fountain’s aquatic evolutions.

Controlidor® is highly interactive with smartphones and computers via WiFi and can also receive inputs to activate the Fountain jets from a multitude of interfaces: DMX, MIDI, RS485, RS232, etc.

Controlidor® can control any installation of already existing fountain, using the same configuration of the input / output network already installed.

It allows to easily create and import any file: content, images, sequence patterns, allowing also to manage the fountain’s contents at the user’s will, creating its own editable and programmable playlist.

In case the Fountain is musical, it can optionally integrate a wide musical repertoire that is played automatically or interactively from Controlidor®.

Controlidor® has an integrated library of elaborate sequences of aquatic scenarios with a wide repertoire of colored lights that will illuminate the fountain at night.

The system includes any relevant information regarding the project: tutorials, manuals, drawings, electrical diagrams.

Unlimited programming: any new programming or water effect can be done in a simple way.

Continuous updates of the system and programming of the Fountain from our server.

Controlidor® software also from your smartphone

By downloading Controlidor® applications to your smartphone, you can control the Fountains interactively from your phone, play with the water jets and choose the songs for the Fountain to dance automatically. It is possible to select pre-designed fountain scenarios to make handling even easier

Controlidor® Master Controller Panels

The most advanced Fountain control in the world installed in an electric board ready to work

Controlidor Master Controller Panels

We exclusively manufacture an avant-garde range of electric control panels for Aquatic Ballets, Digital Water Curtains, Walkable Compact Fountains and Pulsar Jets Fountains which include our advanced Controlidor® Software.

The electrical panel incorporates our Controlidor® system located on a touch screen panel computer from which the entire installation is operated, with the specific software of each project already programmed and ready to work.

The electrical panels are manufactured in our facilities and adapted to measure to comply with the local regulations and specifications of each country to which we export our equipment.

The content of the electrical board is tailored to each project according to the specifications of each client.

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