Fog Landscapes

Lumiartecnia Internacional is a pioneer fountain company in the use of micronization and fog as an ornamental concept to integrate it into urban landscapes, presenting a wide range and wide variety of fog and fine spray equipment where you can find the aesthetic and equipment solution that best suits your project.

Ornamental fog landscapes

Customized Ornamental Fog Projects

Lumiartecnia Internacional, is a pioneer in the use of this technology as an ornamental concept in urban landscapes, presenting a wide range and variety of equipment where you can find the solution that best suits your basic needs, as much as if you want a more traditional fog installation for your garden or establishment, or if you want a specific project, unique and original of any type of installation, supported by our experience as specialists in Water Engineering and Landscape Architecture.

Ornamental fog in the Urban space.

In addition to the functional use to create a refreshing environment, the possibilities of the incorporation of micronization systems to urban landscapes, for the creation of mist spaces, and to their integration in aquatic shows, both in traditional architectural fountains as in Aquatic Ballets or Digital fountains, represent a revolution in the use of this technology, allowing the creation of new elements of landscaping, which provide magical beauty effects, especially when illuminated at night, in both white light and with colored lights.

Magical Landscapes

The possibilities for the creation of magical spaces are unlimited, so the use of micronized water, combined with the technology offered by Lumiartecnia, offers a new dimension to the use of this technology and its integration in the urban landscape of cities, adding to the refreshing effect of the fog, a playful and ornamental use.

Ornamental fog landscape

Micronization and Microclimate

The evaporation of micronized water in the air reduces its temperature (up to 11 ° C in dry and hot air conditions) and increases the relative humidity level. The cooling effect produced by micronization is similar to that of a sea breeze that carries the dry air of the beach with the fine particles of sea water evaporated by the Sun.


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