This spectacular work represents a milestone in digital water curtain technology, becoming the largest in the world of its kind due to the height and scale of the installation.

Double Circular Digital Water Curtain at Boulevard Riyadh. KSA.

In one of the main squares of this impressive leisure complex, right in front of the film studios and the Karts circuit, is this spectacular set of digital water curtains, arranged in the form of two concentric circles, forming the largest installation in the world performed outdoors with interactive digital water curtains.

It is an arrangement of 2 concentric circles. The largest 12 m in diameter and the smallest 6 m in diameter. In both circular curtains the water falls from 12 m high. The size and scale of this project makes it to be the largest outdoor interactive digital water curtain in the world.

Project Photos

The Double Circular 12 m Ø and 6 m Ø Digital Water Curtains drop the water graphics and patterns from a 12 m height, raining down to entertain, amaze and refresh the people around in this very hot weather city.