This interactive waterfall has become an iconic element in the famous shopping center, one of the most important malls in New Orleans

Digital Water Curtain at Lakeside Mall, New Orleans.

This highly interactive Digital Water Curtain detects, with artificial vision, the approach of people and plays with them by dynamically changing the water displays following their footsteps.

The Digital Water Curtain in this project it is specially adapted to be placed indoors in a shopping environment, this means it has to work almost all day, every single day of the year, must be almost maintenance free and must have no splashing out of the designed wet areas.

This original rain fountain is placed in a main plaza where the visitors walk by during all day, so this shooting, attractive and playful waterfall engage people to stay in the area, have fun and keep going to continue their journey through the busy mall.

This project has been a great challenge and an important technology breakthrough to finally achieve that the technology of the Digital Water Curtain can be installed, permanently, in an interior space, falling from a great height, without producing noise, splashes or any other inconvenience related to water.

Project Photos

A selection of the pictures that describe our project and its development