Walkable Compact Jet

Patented by Lumiartecnia, it is the ideal solution for all types of dry deck and walkable fountains, for its technical features, ease of maintenance, its sleek design and attractive visual impact on the landscape

Walkable fountains

The avant-garde 3D Fountain, made on the occasion of ExpoZaragoza2008 was the first three-dimensional ornamental fountain made in the world. It represented a great advance in the engineering of fountains, being today an international reference for designers and engineers in the field of water architecture. This very advanced project allowed us to lay the foundations for the development of the Walkable compact Jets to be able to perform the same spectacular aquatic evolutions in smaller projects, solving at the same time all the difficulties of recirculation, hygiene and cleanliness of the water.

We have been developing this product range for 10 years

and we continue to evolve the concept to adapt it to each client and each budget, in design, materials, nozzles, content, lighting and finishes. Thanks to the wide range of nozzles developed by Lumiartecnia specifically for this technology, it is possible to obtain practically all water forms from the repertoire of classic ornamental fountains, but integrated at ground level.

A world of combinations to discover

The Walkable Compact Jet is a system adaptable to the needs of each project and each budget. The family of the Walkable Compact Jet is classified into 5 product ranges. Within each range, the elements that make up the Walkable Compact Jet(nozzle, projector, lid, box and mechanism) can be chosen by the customer from the elements available in each case.

Committed with the environment and its sustainability

The Walkable Compact Jets are designed to recirculate the fountain water through its filtering cover, and redirect it to the compensation tank that keeps the water at all times clean and treated. In this way, not only the water from the fountain is recovered efficiently to recirculate it always clean, but it also makes it possible to take advantage of the rainwater to fill the water tank, optimizing this valuable natural resource to the maximum.

Walkable fountains

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Walkable compact jet system

The walkable compact jet filtration system guarantees the healthiness of the water, providing security and confidence in the enjoyment of the installation. The water is at all times purified and filtered with the same level of safety and hygiene that a public pool would have.

When the fountain is stopped, the water contained in the walkable compact jets returns to the compensation tank to be purified, which prevents the water from stagnating and prevents the fountain area from becoming a focus of sanitary problems, eliminating bacteria, such as Legionella pneumophila and other viruses or bacteria that can live in water.

Controlidor© computer system which controls the installation, also regulates all the functions of the chemical system of the water so that at all times it maintains the maximum quality of cleanliness and healthiness.


LI-F5000 Recipient and nozzle at ground level

The LI-F5000 range is the basic unit to compose a fountain at ground level. It consists of a brass or stainless steel flask which integrates a leveling nozzle at ground level.
The flask can be shuttered on the floor or integrated into the top models of the range, constituting the core around which the LED projector and the filter covers are aligned.
Made with high quality fine materials resistant to all types of waters, they are a perfect solution for use in pool guard-rails, simple ground level fountains and splashpads for children.
It is available in 5 different models with different jets, and can be customized upon request.

Are they available in different formats?

The LI-F5000 walkable compact jets are available in different formats and custom designs for each project. LI-F5000 compact jets are perfectly integrated into the ground level environment and require very little civil work. The illumination of the jets is integrated into the walkable compact jet using Multicolor LED spotlights with high luminous efficiency and low power consumption.
It is available in 12 different models with different jets, and can be customized upon request.



The LI-F5100 range incorporates the flask from the previous model and includes a ring LED light around it, housed in a stainless steel niche so that the unit can be assembled and disassembled easily.

The LED light can be monochrome, including cold and warm whites, or be FULL RGB multicolor and be programmable using our DMX LI and LI- AE1705 AE1704 electronic drivers.

The niche can be shuttered at ground level or on a wall to illuminate pools or ponds.

It can have a programmable flow using the LI-1030 fast acting valve to activate and turn off the water jet.

Made with high quality noble materials resistant to all types of waters, they are a perfect solution for use in pool guard-rails, underwater illumination, simple ground level fountains with lighting and water parks for children offering lighted water features.



The LI-F5200 range includes the receptacle and the nozzle of the LI-F5000 model, an LED projector or two independent LED projectors, a filtering cover to recover water from the fountain, and stainless steel or PVC niche shuttering at ground level.

The LED lights can be monochrome, including cold and warm whites, or be FULL RGB multicolor and be programmable using our DMX LI-AE1704 and AE1705 LI- electronic controls.

The niche can be shuttered at ground level and has a removable cover for the maintenance of the elements housed there in.

They can have a programmable flow using the LI-1045 fast acting valve, or the progressive action LI-1245 RotorSwitch, to activate and deactivate the water jet. Made with high quality fine materials resistant to all types of waters, they are a perfect solution for use in ground level fountains and sequential lighting fountains that can display aquatic ballets.


LI-5300 Walkable ECO jet

The walkable eco compact jets uses low power single-phase pumps controlled by a single-phase inverter, so that the height of the jets of the fountain can be regulated by the computer system.

The advantage of this system is that it simplifies the installation, replacing the return piping network with a network of interconnected water manholes.

The submersible pumps are single-phase and low power, and are controlled by LI- AE1580 electronic controls. These controls allow jets to adopt varying heights from 0.1 m to 3 m, and are regulated by the Controlidor software control system.

The walkable Eco LI-F5300 jet consists of a pump, a vertical jet and LED projectors with DMX control. All the equipment comes in a robust stainless steel lid customized for each project.


LI-F5500 Linear walkable jets

The linear walkable jets allow great design freedom to create original and modern walkable fountains, creating fantasy figures that are made by forms that fit together like a puzzle, producing attractive designs whereby the water jets are adapted to the architecture of the flooring.

The walkable LI-F5500 linear compact jet is composed of ultrafast response micro jets, capable of generating dynamic water figures at high speed, creating a spectacle of water-color- music similar to those which can be enjoyed in the large aquatic ballets

Maintenance is key in ornamental fountains, to guarantee their long life span.

The Walkable Compact Jet© is designed to simplify this task as much as possible. As there is no water tank, maintenance is done dry, easily and in a short time.
The cover that integrates the nozzle and the LED light is independent of the internal mechanism, so when disassembling the compact jet lid, it is greatly facilitated the maintenance and access to the various elements that comprise it.

Walkable compact jets
Walkable compact jets

Designed for demanding use in the city

  • Robust flush cover made of stainless steel
  • Screws provided with a special head that prevents its manipulation to personnel other than the installation
  • LED projector lens made of Lexan®, a polycarbonate surface ultra resistant to shock and weathering
  • Ability to withstand heavy weights and blows on installation
  • Filters dirt and prevents the entry of solids into the supply pipe system
  • Main characteristics of the walkable compact jets:

  • Completely made of Stainless Steel, although it is possible to use other materials at the request of the client
  • Multiple content combinations
  • Finishes and custom designs of the stainless steel lid, which can even integrate the pavement of the square.
  • Programmable through the use of aquatic mechanisms available for each range
  • Possibility of creating interactive and musical fountains to form aquatic shows thanks to our software Controlidor®
  • Easy maintenance
  • Anti-vandalism
  • Adaptable to the budget of each project
  • Energy saving through the use of LED Projectors
  • Recirculation and filtration of water for sustainable water consumption
  • Allows installation on floors, roofs, parking, etc.
  • They require of little civil work
  • You do not need a pond full of water under the fountain jets
  • Finishes and custom designs

    The lid of the wlakable compact jet can be designed to receive the same pavement or finish of the rest of the square, mimicking the environment. In addition, the stainless steel covers can be manufactured according to the design desired by the client, since we manufacture our products for each project, being able to adapt them also in size and design.

    Can rainwater be reused to fill the reservoir?

    LI-F5000 compact jets are highly sustainable because they take advantage of the rainwater to fill the compensation tank that keeps the water clean and treated at all times, saving a lot of money on the water bill and making the most of this valuable natural resource and sometimes so scarce.

    Is it safe allowing children to play with the fountain’s water?

    The water will be purified at all times and filtered with the same level of safety and hygiene that a public pool would have. The water emanating from the compact jet is so clean that even if a child were to put it in his mouth, it would be harmless.

    The maintenance of LI-F5000 compact jets is very simple and is carried out dry without the need for maintenance personnel to work in the water, empty the pond or take a long time to clean up. The lid of the walkable compact jet can be designed to receive the same pavement or finish of the rest of the square, thus mimicking the environment.

    Rainwater fountain
    Dry deck fountains

    Is it possible to install a fountain on top of an existing parking?

    It is not necessary to have a pond full of water under the fountain, as is usual in other facilities with a dry deck fountains, thus avoiding to load the slab of the land with many tons of water and avoiding water losses because of the difficulty of waterproofing large ponds. By not requiring a water tank under the spouts, the compact spout is the ideal solution to install in urban public squares located on parking lots, basements or roofs, even if the concrete slab is thin.

    Urban Beach

    The Walkable Compact Jets make it possible, at a reasonable cost, to integrate pedestrian fountains in urban areas, creating new meeting locations, leisure and recreation in the city, such as: urban beaches, urban oases and wet areas suitable for children’s games. Urban beach project in Madrid Río.

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