Laminar & Pulsar Jets

A wide range of laminar and Pulsar jets of different formats

Elegance and Perfection. We have a wide range of laminar and Pulsar jets of different formats, sizes and jet calibers to adapt them to any project. The laminar jets form a perfect arc of water, similar to a glass tube.

Pulsar jet

Elegance and Perfection

The Pulsar Jet is a laminar jet with a very fast cutting system.

The name Pulsar derives from the contraction of its name in English Pulsating Laminar Jet, or laminar pulsating jet. The Pulsar Jet is, therefore, a jumping jet with a cutting system, robotic or electromagnetic, that generates a clean fragment of the laminar jet. Controlled from our Controlidor® software, the Pulsar Jet becomes the most advanced in the market.

LED Lighting

The laminar jets have an extraordinary feature and that is that they conduct the light inside the liquid vein as if it were an optical fiber, illuminating the water arch in its entirety, from birth to fall in the pond.

The entire range of laminar jets can include LED RGB or single color lighting, including white light.

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Our Suppliers

Fabricamos los modelos de surtidores laminares en varios tamaños para adaptarlos en calibre de salida y caudal a la medida de cada proyecto. Elige el modelo que mejor se ajuste a tu diseño.

LI F3000 Diamond Jet

LI-F3000 Diamond Jet

The diamond LI-F3000 dispenser is the most perfect laminar jet on the market, with a beautiful diamond-shaped wrap, from which it derives its name.
It is specially designed to be exposed out of the water as an elegant piece of ornamental design, from which springs a laminar jet that looks like a glass arch from beginning to end.

LI PF1000 Laminar Jet Pond

LI-PF1000 Laminar Jet Pond

An elegant stainless steel pond, adapted for the different models of laminar jets, offers the client a complete and turnkey solution, which can be clad to the taste, using a wide range of natural stone mosaics of all colors and textures.

LI F3100 Crystalline Jet

LI-F3100 Crystalline Jet

The LI-F3100 crystalline Jet is based on LI-F3000 Diamond jet technology and its design is conceived to be submerged in any type of water, so it is made of 316L stainless steel. With a simpler exterior design, it generates a laminar jet with the same quality as the LI-F3000 model, but at a more affordable price.

LI F3200 Laminar Jet

LI-F3200 Laminar Jet

The Laminar Jet LI-F3200 is optimized in dimensions, features and cost to be adapted to any project of architectural fountains and swimming pools.There are four different models of this family, increasing in size of the jet caliber to produce different looks and scopes according to the specifications of each project.

Lumiartecnia has developed two cutting systems to generate Pulsar Jets

All cutting systems are accessories of the laminar jets, so they can be added or disassembled later.

Electromagnetic Cutting System


The Electromagnetic Cutting System is designed for the models LI-F3000 Diamond and LI-F3100 Crystal. Based on an electromagnetic system On / Off, very easy to control from any programmable system, which generates a clean and efficient cut, almost without dripping.

Robotic Cutting System


The Robotic Cutting is designed for the range of laminar jets LI-F3200, LI-F3210, LI-F3220 and LI-F3230. It is based on very fast-acting precision motors that create smaller cuts and almost no splash. To control it, our electronic drivers and a sophisticated program such as our Controlidor® software are necessary.

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