Digital Water Curtain

Digital Water Curtain®, a registered trademark

Digital Water Curtain® is a registered trademark of Lumiartecnia Internacional. The digital water curtain is an architectural concept designed by our engineers to be integrated into large outdoor projects, adapting the shape and performance to meet any customer needs, including a customized solution for each engineering project.

Digital water curtains

How does it work?

The digital water curtain works like a computer that controls a “water” printer that displays the graphics, designs and texts, made by the rapid response of the valves. This produces falling segments of water that serve as pixels, creating an amazing screen that constantly scrolls down.

How is it supplied?

The Digital Water Curtain is available in prefabricated modules that incorporate high quality rapid response valves, with a high power of RGB LED Lights and motion detection sensors, integrated in an aluminum truss structure with an elegant and compact, fast design to install and easy to maintain.


The digital curtain has a high interactivity with all kinds of controller interfaces over WiFi or over the Internet, with smartphones, tablets, PDAs, laptops, etc.

The digital water curtain can integrate sensors along its length. These sensors can detect the approach of people, so that the water curtain opens to walk underneath without getting wet.

Water curtain

Digital Curtains Catalog

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Indoor and outdoor water curtains

Applications: indoor and outdoor

The digital water curtain can have any shape and adapt to the existing architecture, perfectly integrating the water screen in the surrounding area, creating original new spaces.

The water curtain can be placed inside to create an original interactive “wall display” with visitors. This type of water screen is ideal for shopping centers, open office spaces, hotel lobbies, airports, etc.

The digital water curtain nozzles are designed to create a high quality video projection on the water screen. The water engineering system is designed by source specialists in order to keep the water clean, recycled, filtered and treated at all times so that the digital water curtain can withstand the harsh conditions of an outdoor installation. The wind does not affect the performance of the digital water curtain, the splashes are under control with a suitable surface design.

Digital Water Curtain Design

The DWC can be manufactured with different shapes and sizes: circular, irregular, etc., creating unique architectural spaces.

Digital water curtain modules

Digital Water Curtain (DWC), in Modules

Each DWC® is made to measure for each project, and can vary in size, graphic resolution and shape.

The common components that integrate it are:
• Elegant and compact aluminum truss structure
• Control and control panel including the Controlidor® software
• Ultrafast action valves
• Water nozzles with video projection quality on its surface
• RGBW LED projectors • Motion sensors (optional)

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