Digital Fountains in Modules

Preassembled modules for Aquatic Ballets.

The Digital Modular Fountains use the same state-of-the-art technology developed for great Aquatic Ballets but in preassembled modules ready to Plug&Play.

Linear modular fountain

High quality at low cost

The Aquatic Ballet has achieved the integration of water, color and music. With the new modular digital fountains this great aquatic show can be adapted to any type of space at a very low cost.

The prefabricated modules allow a simple installation, which can be done by a local installer or by yourself, following our instructions.

How is it supplied?

The Modular Digital Fountains are available in prefabricated modules with the fastest submersible valve available on the market:

The valve LI-1045.The modular fountain comes assembled in stainless steel pipes with an elegant and compact design including the fast acting valves and high-power RGB LED lights. All the equipment is ready for a quick installation and easy maintenance.


The Modular Digital Fountains are highly interactive with all types of control interfaces via WiFi or through the Internet: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The Modular digital Fountain can be controlled by applications downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. From these applications, users can choose the type of water games, create dynamic sequences of water, illuminate the fountain jets with colored lights or even choose the songs for the fountain to dance to the music. Each Fountain can have custom applications to suit each client.

Circular modular fountain
Large modular fountain

Create large Fountain compositions by combining modules

The variety of modules, games and programs, allows for each installation a unique composition, which can be chosen by you.

By combining different types of modular digital fountains, magnificent Aquatic Ballets can be created to fit any size pond.

The digital modular fountains are very flexible to adapt perfectly to each client in size, price and aquatic scenarios. The number and type of aquatic scenes can be customized for each installation by choosing the number of valves, type of nozzles, colored or white LED lights, type of pump, distance between the elements, etc. In this way, by using the Modular technology, high-quality digital fountains with top-of-the-line control technology can be acquired at a surprising price.
Controlidor ® Software.

Powerful advanced and efficient control software to make the most of digital water technology.

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