Aquatic Mechanisms

Lumiartecnia Internacional has developed and patented many aquatic mechanisms since the beginning of its journey as a company

Aquatic mechanisms

Mechanical engineering designed to work in water

Our mastery of mechanical and hydraulic engineering allows us to create efficient mechanisms with a reliable and robust design basis to be able to operate thousands and thousands of submerged maneuvers in any type of water, even seawater, in a consistent and durable way. Lumiartecnia Internacional produces a wide range of rotary and pendular mechanisms, driven either by a precision motor or by its own hydraulic impulse.

The characteristics of the LI-1055 to LI-1045 valves are:

Unblockable for the small particles that the fountain filters can not retain. They can be used in any type of water, be it acidic, calcareous, marine, etc.
It does not need descaling or water softener, so its maintenance is very economical.

Constructed in marine bronze and stainless steel, which allows its use even in seawater. They use safety voltage for its operation, being able to be installed in any playground for children, urban beaches and splashpads. Response speed less than 0.1s

Our range of submersible valves is one of our most valued products, having been installed thousands of units in a multitude of fountain facilities from all over the world.

Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 1″

LI-1045 Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 1″

This valve has a more compact format to be installed in battery, taking up little space.

Its maximum flow is 130 l / min. They include a special anti water hammer effect accessory, patented by Lumiartecnia, to suppress pressure shocks in the hydraulic system.

Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 2″

LI-1055 Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 2″

The largest submersible valve we manufacture, with a flow rate of up to 800 l / min.

It is perfect for controlling large flows and high-rise jets with a cut of less than 0.1 s.

Rhythm Transporter 2 jets

LI-2020 Rhythm Transporter 2 jets

The rhythm transporter uses an electromagnetic system to move the 2 jets from left to right, following the rhythm of the music as if it were some ‘clapping’ of water.

Whirling Water 5″

LI-3010 Whirling Water 5″

This pinwheel generates a colorful braid of water and a ‘basket’ of jets that rotate like a water dancer to the rhythm of the music, driven by the pressure of the jets attached to the base of the pinwheel.

Water loop

LI-3050 Water loop

This original reel generates a ‘loop’ of moving water, hydraulically driven vertical jet itself generating loop water, and which is inclined 45 degrees. In the center of the windlass you can add a static aquatic scenario, such as a spray pineapple.

Water cannon

LI-F4000 Water cannon

This device uses pneumatic propulsion as a means of action, ‘exploding’ the water spout in a spectacular way. By ‘firing’ a bubble of compressed air, it throws into the air a vertical jet that comes projected with great speed and height, producing a loud explosion at the moment of departure. The water cannon is a perfect complement to the great aquatic shows, in which it generates a spectacular water pyrotechnics. It uses a special firing pin, patented by Lumiartecnia, that generates a very fast filling of the jet to be ready for firing in a very short time.

Motorized jigsaw

LI-4015 Motorized Jigsaw

This device works as if it were ‘a mechanical saw’ by moving the water collector longitudinally back and forth in a fun swinging motion that can keep up with the music

 Submersible Valve 

For a perfect water-music integration, we have developed the best submersible valve in the world for use in spectacular fountains and widely applied in important and numerous fountain installations for more than twenty years.

Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 1½”

LI-1050 Electromagnetic Submersible Valve 1½”

It is the most used submersible valve in the projects of Aquatic Ballet for its high performance and attractive price. Through its interior flows a maximum flow of 400 l / min.

Progressive Submersible Valve RS 1″

LI-1245 Progressive Submersible Valve RS 1″

This innovative progressive submersible valve overrides the water hammer effect. It is ideal for walkable fountains because the hydraulic network suffers no harm. This valve uses a maximum flow of 160 l / min, with a variable response speed ranging from 0.1 s to several seconds, depending on the programming.

Rhythm transporter 4 jets

LI-2010 Rhythm Transporter 4 jets

The rhythm transporter uses an electromagnetic system to move the 4 spouts from left to right, following the rhythm of the music as if it were some ‘palms’ of water.

Motorized whirlgig 5″

LI-4000 Motorized Whirlgig 5″

This pinwheel generates a colorful braid of water and a ‘basket’ of jets that rotate like a water dancer to the rhythm of the music, driven by a motor, of variable speed, coupled to the base of the pinwheel.

Motorized pendulum

LI-4005 Motorized Pendulum

This mechanism is governed by a powerful precision motor that tilts the water jet with the speed and angle that the computer system decides. When there are several pendulum motorized elements, a multitude of sets of inclinations and rhythmic movements can be made, different for each device, so that the fountain shows are very precise and spectacular with evolving dynamic water scenarios.

Motorized 3D

LI-4010 Motorized 3D

The 3D Motorized or XMO Jet is the most accurate and advanced robotic jet on the market. Its 2 precision motors tilt the spout nozzle almost instantaneously and precisely at any angle of inclination on the X or Y axis.

Motorized seagull

LI-4020 Motorized Seagull

This mechanism is a variant of the rhythm conveyor but using two rows of jets inclined ones on the left and others on the right, moved by an adjustable speed motor, generating a spectacular scenario of very large ‘palms of water’ moving at the rhythm of the music.

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