Photographic Fountains®

A completely new concept in the design field of wall fountains.

Introducing the new Photographic Fountains, a completely new concept in the design field of wall fountains. Developed in collaboration with Art in Aqua, Art and exclusivity, elegance, Peace and Wellness, converge in this inspiring new concept.

Photographic fountains uses

Photographic Fountains®

Photographic fountains are an innovative way of exploring the use of photographic language and how this can be applied both to the design of indoor and outdoor fountains. By collaborating with renowned photographic artist Ricardo B. Sánchez, with them we project an abstract vision of water, creating a way of painting with light, and generating a symbol of what we are. In this way, the static image of water, communicates with the real fluidity of the precious element, creating photographic fountains: it is the encounter between that which aims to stop a moment in time and that which does not cease to flow and change.

Possible uses

The photographic fountains are ideal for decorating and setting interiors and exteriors, providing your space with a living work of art, unique and that can be exclusive.A thin sheet of water flows over artistic photography, making the visual poetry of water present. The quality of the artistic photographs and materials is so high that various exhibitions have taken place in art galleries and international exhibitions. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, gardens, public spaces, offices, spas, private homes, as an advertising and corporate support.

In what sizes and formats is it supplied?

The photographic fountains are made to measure in any size, in foot, wall, mural or stained glass formats, including artistic or poetic photography specially designed for you.

The glass print converts the photographic fountain into a spectacular stained glass window, which can be installed in interior and exterior windows, standing and wall fountains. Large murals of any size are also possible using the technology of photographic fountains both to coat exterior facades and interior walls and for use in public spaces.Also available in a range of standard sizes with the option of LED lighting in white or colored light.

Can they be used outdoors?

Photographic Fountains can be specially designed for outdoor use. The water images used in the fountains present special protection so that the water can slide over their surface and they are printed on a suitable material to be exposed to the elements, so they can be placed outdoors without any inconvenience. In this way they become an attractive element for use in landscapes, gardens and public spaces.

Photographic fountains outdoors

Photographic fountain indoor

Do you require specialists for assembly?

The installation of the standardized models is really simple, so you can do the assembly yourself. They are supplied in modules designed for immediate installation. If you want additional advice, our team of specialists will be at your disposal.

Video projections on architectural fountains, water curtains or fog

Using the advanced technology available today, we can project artistic videos or any other type of video that a client may require in water curtains or fog, or other suitable materials for video projections. Suitable spaces are required in order to combine video projections with wall fountains, water curtains or mist, but the visual effect of the integration of moving images with flowing water can be very impressive. Consult with us to study the possibility of developing a project that incorporates video projections with flowing water.

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