Floating Fountains

Floating fountains for ponds, lakes and golf courses

Lumiartecnia Internacional manufactures its own line of floating fountains for ponds, lakes and golf courses. We carry out special projects of floating structures in stainless steel for singular projects that require a custom design, either due to their large dimensions or to effectively solve engineering challenges that require efficient calculation of resistance, durability and maintenance of equipment within the floating structure.

Floating fountains ponds lakes

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of floating fountains for ponds and lakes.

At nightfall the floating fountain will be spectacularly illuminated using our adapted range of multi-colored LED projectors.

Floating fountains and pond aerators are essential to rinse the water. The additional aeration and water circulation they provide helps reduce the growth of new algae and provides higher levels of oxygen, allowing aquatic life to thrive.

Improve water quality and add beauty to your aquatic environment

The expansion of usable oxygen levels stimulates aerobic digestion, reducing the levels of nutrients associated with the growth of algae.

  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Drastically reduces fish deaths related to low oxygen in the water
  • Reduction of mud and organic sediments
  • Reduces fly and mosquito infestation
  • Reduction of thermal stratification

The fountains are not only beautiful, they also move the water and provide some aeration by moving floating debris thus inhibiting the growth of some aquatic plants. Falling water also breaks the surface tension of water and moves stagnant water, a condition that stops some females from egg-laying insects.

Floating fountains aquatic

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