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Wave Fountain

This innovative digital fountain fuses art and mathematics. The trigonometric functions are displayed on the fountain forming waves of variable frequency and length, generating an impressive moving water sculpture, reminiscent of the sound of the sea. The elegant basin design creates a transparent waterfall sliding down covering the granite stone construction.

The wave fountain is located at the Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca, in front of the Museum of Human Evolution, auditorium, conference center and research center, in the city of Burgos.

It is a state-of-the-art ornamental fountain, Digital Fountain, consisting of an array of flat cascade nozzles lines LI-5121, specifically designed for this project, which mimic the white color of the waves as they break against the shore.

The sound, rhythm and cadence lifting and falling the water jets recreates the ocean waves and try to create an urban oasis that intuits the sea in the city. The sound of water is so involving that screens the traffic noise and creates a peaceful oasis while at the same time it becomes an iconic element that gives beauty and presence to the surroundings of the most important anthropological museum in Europe.

The control system generates wave heights and variable lengths algorithms that recreate the feeling of the movement of the waves, so in this way it is the first mathematical ornamental fountain in the world, in which simple harmonic movements are displayed in the evolution of the sparkling sea like water jets.

The wave fountain is a dynamic water sculpture with different types of programming, selectable from the touch screen placed at the control room, via Internet or via a remote control from Smartphone, making all kinds of games and evolutions, coming and going, flowing fast or slow sine waves constantly moving, etc…

The control system also monitorizes the wind speed so the pumps constantly adjust the height of the water jets in function of the air intensity on the fountain environment.

The water jets are illuminated with high performance bright white light LEDs projectors with low power consumption.

The advanced Controlidor digital control system, allows to control with accuracy the height and position of every single line of the water jet that shape the fountain.

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