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60 years of research, development and accomplishments

Lumiartecnia Internacional has been along the years a leading company in the innovation, development and application of the newest technologies in the field of water architecture. Three generations of fountain design tradition and ample experience have made us great specialists in water engineering with architectural, ornamental and play applications.

D. Emilio Alvarez Carretero was awarded with the first prize, with special mention of the jury, at the International Inventors Fair in Brussels, for the invention of the “Automatic Pump”.

Emilio Alvarez Carretero developed over a lifetime of intense research in many fields of technology.
As a result of this work came to register more than 50 patents some of which were important innovations that led to major industrial products disclosure at the time.

In 1952 he was awarded the 1st prize and gold medal at the salon organized inventors in the School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid.
In 1958 it was awarded at the World Exhibition in Brussels two gold medals, one silver and 2 bronze with special mention of the jury, which meant the second international prize of this contest. This was widely publicized in the media of the time, receiving numerous national and international honors.

He devoted much of his activity to design architectural fountains, inventing a mechanical programmer that was a major breakthrough in the field of ornamental fountains with light-water features. He founded AIDA, the first fountain company in the family saga, where he developed many original architectural fountains.

The research work was continued by his son, Emilio Carretero Alba, who graduates for industrial engineer from the Superior School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid in 1965. He began his career working in AIDA, where he developed his first works of ornamental fountains working with his father.

On the death of his father, Emilio Carretero Alba goes to work to the private industry, which he devoted himself in addition to ornamental fountains to other technical fields such as electrical engineering and lighting. In the field of electrotechnology he patented a new system for discharge lamps ballast that was a breakthrough at the time.

From the last years of the sixties, his son, Emilio Carretero Alba is fully integrated into the activity of fountains. He brought significant improvements to this field, becoming one of the most reputed fountain engineers worldwide. His investigations brought a significant reduction in terms of electricicy costs and also in an increase of the spectacular nature of the water features.

Emilio Carretero Alba, based on an initial model first introduced in 1962 in the International Exhibition Building in Madrid, by his father, Emilio Carretero Alvarez, he developed and perfected it, to make the so-called “mechanical Programmer” which radically simplifies classical electromechanical installation, eliminating the need to assign to each corresponding circuit a pump unit.

Such “programmer” is a mechanism whose importance is based on the number of circuit-games-to control and which automatically centers the government of the water features, allowing drastic reduction in the number of pump units (for example, in the Great fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, the number of pump units amounted to 182).

Another innovation of great functionality and economic impact built by Emilio Carretero Alba in his projects, is aimed at slashing electricity consumption in lighting jets of great height and at the same time providing a high degree of perfection in the the geometry of vertical jets.

It basically consists in obtaining for the interior sections of the jets or nozzles, the family of profiles (corresponding to the different variations of pressure and height jets) that do not result in overpressure in the liquid vein on going outwards. This will get two important effects: the aesthetic, to get at the pump liquid veins of perfect geometry – seamless – and economic, to achieve lighting on the water jets that takes place through the reflection of light in the scope of the water vein, this acting as an optical fiber.

This perfection was introduced into the monumental fountain of the Savings Bank of Gran Canaria, with a pond up to 44 m. diameter and maximum height of 30 m. pumps, power required for lighting exceptionally successful, with 230 KW.
The installed power for lighting of the Great Fountain of Montjuic amounted to 1482 kW, with maximum height of jets of the same order.

The improvements in the solutions applied by Emilio Carretero in diversity cases are based on rigorous mathematical analysis and its resolution thereof using the computer (the solution corresponds to the “Theory of variations”, consisting in solving systems of differential equations under the condition that the real solution – among the possible – is one that involves optimal performance.

In 1973 he performed at the National Research Council a complete course on environmental techniques, while being a professor of electrical machines in the School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid.

He was appointed in 1976 Secretary General of the Association for the Control of Pollution (ASELCA), organizing symposia and conferences among which the First Congress on Quality of Life, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Works, and involving the most eminent personalities of the different specialties treated.

Emilio Carretero Alba was authored with others the book “The Quality of Life in the humanization process.”

During this time he works as independent engineer for the City Council of Madrid, making the remodeling of the most emblematic fountains in the Paseo de la Castellana: The Cibeles fountain, The Neptune fountain and the great monumental fountains and Ocean waterfalls at Columbus Square .

In 1974 he founded the fountain department in the company GHESA in which he brings his curriculum to the company and gives birth to a very successful activity that lasts to this day.
In 1983, follows a of on Robotics and Automation ETSII Industrial. As a result of his subsequent research, one of his most remarkable inventions was born: The Cybernetic Fountain.

In the year 1991 he founded Lumiartecnia International, where he invents a second generation of more advanced cybernetic fountains that provide the basis for the creation of today’s state-of-the-art Digital Fountains that incorporate the latest technologies of communication and control via Internet.

Emilio Carretero Alba develops very active as a speaker on a variety-mas to you who has dedicated his activity. He has worked in press and is the author of numerous articles published in journals of national and international importance.

Despite the varied dedication of Emilio Carretero Alba, there is a topic that has been consistently, this is, the architectural fountains. In this field he has been very active and his curriculum can be summarized in about 600 artistic fountains with games of water, light and water ballet, having installed a hydraulic power over 10,000 hp and a lighting power exceeding 7,000 kW, which probably means one of the most outstanding curriculum in Europe.

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