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XXI Century Fountains, Conference in Kiev by Juan Carretero

XXI century fountains in Kiev.

Write a message or drawing in the water by using a mobile phone or Internet. Science fiction?Not at all! It is available now. Read this article and you will see how to make it happen.

In recent years, especially with the introduction of information technology, control technology of ornamental fountains has evolved drastically, so there are increasing possibilities of control, creation, interaction and innovation in the field of Engineering and Water Architecture. Thus are born digital fountains, fountains governed by computer in which the only limit to the possibilities of water is in the designer’s imagination.

All these innovations were presented at the conference “Water Architecture”, by the prestigious Spanish inventor Juan Carretero Llorente.

Digital Fountains represent a revolution not only in the traditional field of fountains as ornament, but allowing the integration of the fountain in the architecture of the city, becoming an element with which artists and architects can use when creating unique spaces and meeting points for the people.

One of the best examples of this is the creation of the Digital Water Curtain (DWC for its acronym in English). The Digital Water Curtain functions as a “printer of water”, reproducing graphics, text, images and patterns by fragmenting Curtain jets. This system produces water segments that act as pixels, creating a striking display that reproduces the cascading water. Thus, the DWC acts not only as a design element, refreshing and entertaining, but also allows transferring information in text and graphics, creating visual billboards, automatic doors that open the passing of visitors, and more.

Juan Carretero Llorente es inventor y gerente de la famosa firma española Lumiartecnia Internacional, que desde hace tres generaciones y más de 60 años, se especializa en el desarrollo de la “Arquitectura del Agua”, que se puede interpretar como el desarrollo de fuentes de alta tecnología para el espacio urbano.

The conference was held at the office of “Gidromontazh”

Organized by the brand “My Sea”, the company “Gidromontazh” and the magazine “Home and Interior”.

Lumiartecnia International, along its history, has created numerous projects around the world, transforming urban spaces by developing state-of-the-art fountains, creating the composition of extraordinarily beautiful fountains, capable of performing any water feature with lights, color, and with any shape or size.

One of the best examples of this is the so-called 3D fountain, installed in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, in 2008, in which each water jet can be controlled entirely independently, using each jet like a pixel in the matrix of a digital camera, resulting in the creation of a sculpture of living water, continuously evolving in shape and size, so that it becomes infinite the possibility of creating games, shapes and patterns, from the possibility of recreating the sound of the waves and the sea, writing texts, pictures or images in the water, to the possibility of diving inside the recreation and feel the sound of waves and the sea.

Another hallmarks of Lumiartecnia is the Digital Water Curtain. With it the incredible beauty and elegance of designing with water comes to a different dimension. Digital water curtain, can be governed to

Internet via a tablet, or through a mobile phone.

Furthermore, in the words of Juan Carretero Llorente, there are no restrictions when transmitting information to the curtain in any alphabet, ie the texts represented in the DWC can be displayed in any language.

Application in a DWC with LED projectors, sound and light, creates an unforgettable show.

Today, Ukraine is entering the high-tech way to urban fountains. In the near future, it is hoped that the people of Kiev and other cities, will enjoy beautiful and elegant fountains for urban landscape, with new applications and projects to become the well-known reference as Fontana Di Trevi, and start being Ukraine, a country that mark global trend in the world of high technology.

Article courtesy of profidom: http://profidom.com.ua/novosti/kijev/2405-fontany-21-veka

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