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World’s highest waterfall in a vertical garden

There is a magical space, unique, hidden in the heart of Madrid. It is the largest vertical garden and highest waterfall in the world as recognized by the Guinness record book. You can visit this vertical garden and waterfall at the exclusive Hotel Mercure Madrid Santo Domingo located near Callao and Gran Via. Awesome with of exceptional beauty, this garden creates a real microclimate, with 844 m², more than 200 plant species and a height of almost 25 meters.

Trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, flowering plants, etc, dozens of varieties make up this unusual ecosystem. We can find species such as: the Mexican blue palm, the tree of Jupiter or Cyca Revoluta inherited from the time of the dinosaurs. This unique jewel multiplies its exoticism and freshness thanks to a waterfall that falls from the top. Along its more than 100 m² surface, the monumental waterfall runs down as a natural mountain river, flowing with different flows and pressures by combining, in the control system software, the activation of the multiple water weirs, lights and sound.

Lumiartecnia Internacional carried out this challenging project, developing all water engineering and architectural design for the waterfall to create this spectacular work. Our team had many difficult problems to solve, such as: the water recirculation, with almost no space behind the structure, at 4 m above the ground, it was achieved with very little water volume; the steep inclination, fully vertical, for the mountain structure, made very difficult to control the splashing along the fall, from more than 25 m to the ground, so our architects had to design very carefully the mountain course to minimize the splashing and at the same time make it look very natural; the water weirs had to be specifically designed to be integrated in the mountain structure, at random locations, so the final look for the waterfall gave the impression of a natural mountain waterfall.

The installation work was also quite challenging having to work at 25 m above the ground in difficult and strait small spaces behind the mountain structure. The control system allows the waterfall to have many different looks by creating sequences from water coming out of different water weirs, so sometimes the waterfall is running with little water to create a rumor sound, other times with enough water to cover part of the mountain course, randomly spouting water from weirs at different heights and other times covering the full mountain course with a powerful waterfall that creates a dramatic water sound cushioning the noise from the city.

The vertical garden and waterfall creates a soothing natural canvas that fascinates everyone who visits it. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, captivates those seeking fresh air amidst the asphalt and make a stop at the stressful daily rhythm.

Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, this project was born in order to provide 70 bedrooms facing the inner courtyard spectacular views. This is a sustainable project that provides highly relevant environmental benefits. Absorb 25,000 kg of CO ² per year and generates the amount of oxygen consumed about 200 people a day. Therefore, reduces environmental pollution and noise pollution.

The vertical garden and waterfal, due to the characteristics of its foliage and vegetation, acts as a sound insulation and also as a natural way to reduce the ambient temperature between 6 and 8 degrees, equivalent to the use of 50 air conditioning devices. The vertical garden is designed to promote biodiversity and provide biological control of the species that comprise it. Moreover, to maximize the available resources and minimize waste water, incorporating the latest technological advances, which allow maximum water savings. Water from showers and sinks from 50 rooms is collected, filtered, purified and chlorinated to be reused either in the irrigation system or flush valves on toilets.

The vertical garden is even more magnetic and beautiful, if possible, at night. A night lighting system creates dramatic different scenarios and environments.

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