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Smart Square redevelopment at Andalucia Main Square, Palma del Rio

The square is rearranged becoming recognizable as a single space in line with both the monumental west front, as well as the east, where the institutional buildings are located.

An interactive walkable fountain is one of the most attractive elements integrated in the square, facing the Town Hall, an ideal place according to a climate study performed for this urban space.

The paving uses several differentiated formats of Granite Grey and Yellow Robledo Port. A perimeter cobblestone strip that widens strategically at various points is placed especially in front of the Sun Gate and the Town Hall. The interior pavement, whose boundaries induced to recognize a large rectangle, consists of large-format tiles, placed along the main directionality that aims to bring the view of the monumental front of the square.

The trace of the square will be read through the basic module of the pavement, which in turn corresponds to the arcade of the granary and through a change in texture of the perimeter paving.

As for the vegetation, the trees are located in groups in the western half of the square mainly, creating different centers of stay and allowing continuous perception of monumental landscape. On the Eastern Front, there have been planted orange trees, palms and have been kept the two existing Palmitos, more than 40 years old, that frame the entrance to the City Hall. In the monumental front, the species there are deciduous trees, particularly Majuelos.

The lighting reuses the existing two arms streetlights, changing its location and replacing their lamps, also incorporating speakers and other Smart devices.

E The urban furniture, namely the benches, are romantic model, generally located opposite each other, so as to form small spheres of stay.

From its initial approach, the project aims to achieve three broad objectives corresponding to three perspectives that address the urban reality and coordinating the different strategies of the project:

PATRIMONIAL PERSPECTIVE: readability of the key HERITAGE OF THE MAIN SQUARE: The main objective of the proposed action is to improve the monumental cityscape surroundings, improving the legibility. Andalusia square is an especially important urban space for the recognition and enhancement of Palma heritage, as a prelude of the walled enclosure, the ancient Main Square and the outskirts, articulating the urban growth.

By releasing the west side of the square is intended to reinforce the unitary reading of the original defensive structures allowing to acknowledge the value of antiquity and complexity of a historic set in good condition, as well as providing plasticity to the cityscape with its materiality , scale andlandscape impact. Another element that takes on greater visual impact in the square after the intervention itself is the Church of the Assumption, located inside the walled enclosure. With it the most characteristic picture of the place where the tower stands behind the palace is completed.

FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVE: PROMOTING OWNERSHIP OF URBAN SPACE FOR DIFFERENT USES OF PUBLIC SPACE: In addition to rearranging thespaces for vehicles and pedestrians around the scope of action, it is intended to incorporate elements that produce changing environments(awnings, music, fountain, kiosks … ) and allow to recover the square as a place of celebration of various festivals and events related to the cultural identity of palm. Different elements that facilitate the appropriation of this urban space for different uses are incorporated:

– Foundations for awnings.

– Installations required for the implementation of various shops and street kiosks, leaving relevant to urban supply facilities, sanitation and lighting connections.

In addition to these elements, a Smart system is installed in the Plaza de Andalucia, making possible an intelligent, efficient and sustainable management of street lighting, housing and some not so common facilities yet in our cities that will enable new ways of managing and living the public space in a more interactive and dynamic way. These devices allow users wifi connection, camera view over the internet and the capability to interact with the fountain. The facilities are located using the infrastructure of the public lighting network and are managed under a single platform.

– CONTROLIDOR: powerful fountain control software developed by Lumiartecnia, specializing in high technology fountains, which allows the management of music tracks and water jets control, for a more dynamic performance and user interaction.

– SMART DEVICES: This involves the installation and commissioning of intelligent nodes, management header detector, double vision, IP video system and display system, wifi hotspots.

ENVIRONMENTAL PERSPECTIVE: IMPROVED COMFORT CLIMATE AND ENERGY SAVING IN INFRASTRUCTURE. From an environmental perspective, improving weather conditions by integrating elements of shade, water and incorporating technologies that have a material impact on energy savings. The sunlight study and solar geometry carried out allows considering the effect of the various elements of the public space. The vegetation of varying size, the building of the square itself, the elements of water, etc. all are considered to determine the final situation.

Initially the average hourly incident radiation is studied on the free space on the current status in both summer and winter. As you might expect the most contentious in this latitude season is the summer, in a way that the most exposed areas are identified to make them more habitable by placing elements that create shade and moisture.

The elements considered main characters to the effect of improving thermal comfort are the awnings and especially the walkable fountain in the square. Since the conception of this space has taken into account the need to include a fountain as the main element of it, also in a symbolic way, since water is one of the main elements in the square because Palma is founded between the Genil and Guadalquivir river.

The elements considered main characters to the effect of improving thermal comfort are the awnings and especially the walkable fountain in the square. Since the conception of this space has taken into account the need to include a fountain as the main element of it, also in a symbolic way, since water is one of the main elements in the square because Palma is founded between the Genil and Guadalquivir river.

The dry walkable fountain consists of an array of 4 x 4 Eco Compact jets, model LI-F5000, which allows to integrate the pavement of the square on its top. The height of the jets is precisely regulated by an electronic system of own design, varying linearly controlled from few centimeters high to more than 4 meters in height. The jets are illuminated with multicolor LED lights using high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, thus helping to save energy in the square.

The fountain jets dance and change color to the beat of any music, automatically performed by the fountain control software in an organic, soft and very aesthetic way, producing an unlimited range of jet movements and color lights, flowing with music that gladdens and refreshes the space of the square.

As for the features that incorporates the fountain, in addition to the automatic effects of light and water, it is provided with a high interactive capability. Two action strategies are developed, the autonomous response and interactivity. Lumiartecnia International, who developed the project engineering both the hydraulic, electrical, civil engineering and the design for these smart system requirements, develops a specific software and mobile application that combined with the use of the wireless network and sound infrastructure of the Smart Square, it enables the control of various effects of water, light and sound to visitors from their Smartphones.

The final outcome is certainly a fountain turned into one of the main attractions of the square, which attracts crowds of neighbors, whether for contemplating the “water ballet“, to enjoy their effects, or to interact with it. Thus the water in both its scenic and environmental effects has the prominence it deserves for its weight in the identity of the city.

Texts written by the project team of the smart square redevelopment:

M.Eugenia Fálder Rodríguez, master architect in architectural and historical heritage. mafalder@gmail.com

Pedro Borja Muñoz Sánchez, architect. pedroborja.munozsanchez@gmail.com

Smart fountain video:

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