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Rehabilitation of the Fountain lighting in Safari shopping center, Tenerife


Lumiartecnia Internacional has successfully made, once again, the change of the old incandescent lighting of this spectacular musical fountain, by LI-L1500 LED spotlights with high luminous efficiency and low electrical consumption, fully made of 316 stainless steel.

This replacement of the lighting has been done respecting the programming and the set of cables installed between the machine room and the color lights already existing in the fountain.

Each RGB projector with 120 W / 230 VAC lamps has been replaced by a LI-L1500 RGB LED projector of 24VDC / 12x3W, manufactured in 316 stainless steel. These LED lights are very powerful and can be used in fountains that have jets that reach a height of up to 12m.

To make the use of existing electronics compatible, Lumiartecnia Internacional has developed electronic DC cards that are compatible with the sockets of existing boards. In addition to the passage of the alternating current of 220 V AC to 24 V DC safety direct current, an electrical panel has been integrated with power supplies and their protections, necessary to power the LED lights.

This is the ideal solution for the updating of old installations at 220VAC for the following reasons:

a.- It is not necessary to change the current programming of the musical fountain.

b.- The current technology of high performance LEDs with a lighting power similar to incandescent lamps is introduced, adapting in each particular case, the model of the LED light at the height of the jets to be illuminated. All the models of LED lights that Lumiartecnia Internacional supplies are of high lighting power, with optics adapted to suit the type of jet and its height.

c.-From this replacement by LED lights, the electrical lighting installation complies with the regulation of low voltage that limits to 30V of direct current or 12 V of alternating current, the supply voltage in fountains (ITC-BT-31).

d.- No need to install new cables between the engine room and the fountain basin.

e.- With the replacement of incandescent luminaires with high-performance LEDs, the electricity consumption of lighting is divided by 7, so savings are achieved in energy expenditure, which in a short time will amortize the investment involved in the reform of the installation of the new LED illumination.

Estimating an average of 4 hours a day and a price of 0.15kWh, there would be a saving of about 6,600 euros per year in this fountain.

f.- The durability of the LED diode is about 100,000 hours, while for an incandescent bulb it is only 2,000 hours. This means that, in less than one year, all the lamps have to be replaced, with the corresponding labor cost in the replacement, at the same time that the operation of the fountain must be stopped. In addition, these types of lamps are not manufactured anymore, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find available stock, as established in Regulation EC Nº244 / 2009 and 245/2009 for lamps and luminaires.

g.- The incandescence projectors currently installed use color filters which have to be changed periodically due to their degradation, with the consequent cost of labor. This will not happen anymore with the new LED lights.

h.- Another important issue is the water tightness. Changing lamps, color filters, or the joints themselves, carry a risk of water entering inside the projector. This problem disappears with these LED spotlights with IP68 category against water coming inside the lights.

The points e, f, g and h, ensure the amortization of the investment in less than 3 years.

We are implementing this solution successfully in numerous old cybernetic fountains that have been carried out in the past with 220VAC incandescence light projectors.

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