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Multimedia Aquatic Ballet at theme park Terra Mitica

The Multimedia water show “Latidos del Mar” made for Terra Mitica theme park has been internationally acclaimed for its originality and remarkable quality of the aquatic scenes, in which stands the extraordinary video projection water screen of 40 m in length and 20 m high, 10 water cannons, lasers, video and fireworks exploding to the rhythm of the music. The show was engineered and developed by Lumiartecnia Internacional in collaboration with Lunatus.

“Beats from the Sea ‘, first phase of an amazing multimedia aquatic show, was designed for all ages and featured for its representation with a remarkable technical display, along with a soundtrack of different musical styles:jazz, disco, and techno-blockbusters to give musical support to the story displayed in the show.

The great water screen is the central element in the show. On the water screen surface, of 40 of meters long and 20 meters high, the story unfolds with video projections, music, sounds, fireworks and laser graphics, while the multicolored fountain dances and evolves with the story.

The aquatic show elements are arranged in different layers of depth, viewed from the audience, highlighting a great geyser of more than 30 m high, 10 LI-F4000 water cannons that instantly project the water jets over 50 meters high, and dense spray clouds LI-4061 illuminated each one, by tenths of different colors.

The aquatic scenes are completed with LI-5070 parabolic jets pouring towards the interior of lake and LI-5062 water jets with the shape of peacock tails, which alternate in their movements with the other scenic water elements.

During the day the water scenes work as an architectural fountain, refreshing the visitors and bringing sound and life to the lake landscape.

The geyser, with a LI-5074 nozzle, rises over 30 meters becoming the highest element in the park, being visible even from outside the amusement facilities.

The lake of Egypt is the central space in Terra Mítica. The fountains plays an important ornamental role during the day.

The water screen is formed by a fully made stainless steel nozzle LI-6000 with an extraordinary quality for video projection and laser.

LI-6000 water screen is probably the one with the highest quality in the market and with a very competitive price. Its quality is so high that its design has been imitated by some nozzle manufacturers, but never surpassed.

Two years later, to complete the second phase, Lumiartecnia proposed brand new elements for the aquatic spectacle to make Terra Mítica host of one of the largest and most important water shows in Europe.

An impressive LI-F4000 water cannons line with 100 jets rising over 50 m high, exploding in an instant way, would run along the lake wrapping envolving the existing fountains.

A second line of 20 robotic nozzle LI-4005 will dance and swing at the rhythm of the music according to the choreography at play.

Spectacular fire effects will also be an important part of the show.

A second LI-6000 water screen will be added to play with two videos or laser projection simultaneously.

Hopefully this water show will be completed soon.

Multimedia water show video:

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