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Lighting up Madrid´s Fountains: The Water Symphony

Lecture at the casino of Madrid, on December 1, 2015, by D.Emilio Carretero Alba, industrial engineer, founder and president of Lumiartecnia Internacional.

In the majestic Madrid Casino building, a lecture by the founder and president of  Lumiartecnia International, Emilio Carretero Alba, took place. The conference was coordinated by José Carlos Toledano, physicist and architect, and chaired by Dr. D. Angel Manuel Garcia, president of the Town and Court foundation.

Emilio Carretero Alba has projected and performed more than 600 architectural fountains and Aquatic Ballets, both in Spain and internationally.

In all fountains cited at the conference, Emilio Carretero Alba was the engineer responsible for hydraulic and lighting calculation also the author of the artistic project in many cases; also in the Aquatic Ballets, he has been the inventor of the cybernetic technology that made them possible.

The recently published book “The Water Symphony“, written by the journalist and writer Julio Molina was also commented. Narrated with an agile and enjoyable language the career of Emilio Carretero Alba over more than four decades, from a historical, humanistic and technical perspective, giving an overview of his career and his outstanding contribution as innovative industrial engineer and inventor.

After the conference, he began a round of questions and a lively gathering by the interest generated and given the technical nature of the audience, made up largely of engineers, architects and historians of a long career, he said among other interesting observations the importance of proper preservation and maintenance of the fountains as a prominent part of the historical heritage of the city and a legacy for future generations.

Below, you can watch some videos showing the outstanding heritage achievements of Emilio Carretero Alba, which were part of the conference. Among them are included the most emblematic fountains of Madrid.

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