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Great Floating Aquatic Ballet at Deokjin Park. Jeonju-si. Korea

Deokjin Park (덕진공원) Floating Musical Fountain (JeonjuSi(JeonJu city))

Deokjin Park is a representative city park of Jeonju, and was built in the background of ponds made during the Koryo dynasty.(First designated as a park in May 1938). Within the precinct of 4,5000 pyeong, the pond takes about 2/3 of the area in the southern park, and a suspension bridge crosses over the boat sites in the northern part from the east to the west.

The large floating multimedia musical fountain is one of the favorites attractions for visitors, becoming an iconic landmark for tourism in the city. Lumiartecnia Internacional developed all fountain engineering for this great floating aquatic ballet in collaboration with Hana Eng.

One sightseeing attraction of Jeonju are the musical fountain and the lotus, flowers blooming in the pond of Deokjin Park. Deokjin pond is famous as one of 8 attractions of Jeonju.

In the summer, lotus in full-blossom cover half of the surface of the ponds, creating a splendid sight in Jeonju. (Growth area of lotus : 13,000 pyeong).

Lotus and Tano of Deokjin Pond. The large pond in Deokjin Park becomes red, flooded with red lotus flowers.

A large pond in Deokjin Park (at 99,000㎡), the east of which contains lotus flower beds in half of the pond (43,000㎡). Wide lotus leaves fill the pond and are studded with lotus flowers. They dance in the blowing wind, making even the most serene heart leap with joy.

The view of the lotus blossoms here is called the Deokjin Chaeryeon (‘appreciating lotus flowers in Deokjin’), and is named one of Jeonju’s 8 Magnificences. Deokjin Pond was constructed during the Goryo Dynasty according to Feng Shui principles.

Donggukyeojiseungram explains that Jeonju is a basin area, surrounded by mountains with an opening only toward the North. The energy of the earth is lower than other regions, so building a pond deters the energy that would spread to other regions. This is different from the reservoirs, most of which were made for agricultural purposes.

To participate in the water ceremony in Deokjin pond, married women from all over the country gathered from the dawn of the morning and prayed to the Sea King for health for 1 year, by washing their hair or taking a bath in the water of pond. In addition, tourists visit here in every summer(July ¡­ Aug.) to see the lotus in Deokjin pond with full of lotus scent. Various kinds of cultural events are held in this park, which is widely known as the favorite site for many citizens.

You can feel the spirit of poetry to the maximum while walking around the arch-shaped suspension bridge in the center of the pond. Recently, an outdoor performance hall with 500 seats next to Chuihyangjeong regularly holds performances, providing pleasure to the visitors.

9 Stone monuments are located here in Deokjin Park, including Shinseokjeong poem tombstone, Gimhaegang poem tombstone and Jeon Bongjun statue. This site has become a cultural space which shows the artistic spirit of Jeonju to visitors, with the scent of lotus and various performances such as Pansori. Officially designated a city park in April 1978, the park is centered around a natural pond, which dates back to the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).

The park is such a landmark of the area that the lotus flowers blooming in the park’s large pond are considered one of the most impressive attractions of Jeonju. The park spans an area of 13,000㎡ with the pond covering about two thirds of the southern sector. An arch-shaped suspension bridge stretches across the middle of the pond, offering up-close views of the lotus blossoms.

Park designers created a traditional pavilion and a water iris garden in honor of the park’s historical background and added an artificial waterfall and wooden bridge for visual effect. The park also houses nine stone monuments including the Children’s Charter, engravings of Shin Seok-jeong and Kim Hae-gang’s poetry, and the statue of General Jeon Bong-jun.

The park is the site of the annual Dano Changpomul (Water Iris) Festival, a much-anticipated event held on the day of Dano (a Korean traditional holiday that falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month). During the celebration, women wash their hair in iris-infused water from the pond to wish for good health in the coming year.

Deokjin Park is a charming park where paddle boats can be rented and a large area of lotus lilies in Deokjin Lake can be enjoyed. A suspension bridge stretches across the middle of the lake offering up-close views of the lotus flowers. The park also has a large musical fountain and 9 Stone monuments within Deokjin Park.

The floating fountain structure is fully made of stainless steel with a lenght of 40 meters and 6 meters of width. The whole structure weights more than 26 tons. The fountain is powered by three underwater pumps with a special filtration system friendly with the environment.

The stainless steel structure is kept afloat with a special set of floaters and a hydraulic system that allows to set the water level inside the structure in such a way that fountain maintenance can be performed as if it was done in a standard fountain pond.

All water jets are controlled using LI-1055 underwater valves that can handle the awesome flow of 800 l/min, opening and closing in one tenth of a second. LI-4053 nozzles create spectacular 8 m high spray clouds. LI-5068 nozzles create the vertical jet wall reaching 15 meter heights.

The great floating fountain can be seen from any point of the big lake. The lake is full of life, flowers, fishes and turtles. One important issue with this project was to design a water filtration system that could avoid dirt, particles, and small flowers or fishes to get inside the pumps and piping system and at the same time being respectful with the environment.

Seven sets of large finger jets and one set of 12 high parabolic palm tree like water display reaching higher than 15 meters are created using LI-5063 and LI-5068 nozzles.

With Lumiartecnia’s Omnicolor software, the fountain harmoniously displays a rich color palette flowing with the music, playing a role as important as the water displays, in the artistic fountain choreographies.

At night the fountain plays water-music-color shows in perfect synchronization following the artistic choreographies developed by fountain artists than can be watched for more than 10.000 people from the rims of the large pond.

The water fountain displays can vary the jet heights to instantaneously adapt to the playing choreography commands or if playing in automatic mode changing the height depending on the wind system programming.

The Multimedia fountain completes the water display features with eight robotic pendular jets moving and clapping at the rythm of the music while spectacular illumination projections run across the fountain jets.


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