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Double Circular Digital Water Curtain at Boulevard Riyadh. KSA.

Saudi Arabia opens the Boulevard, the most prominent destination for the Riyadh entertainment season

On November 1st 2021, the Government Entertainment Authority inaugurated the Boulevard Entertainment District in the Saudi capital, which is the most prominent destination for visitors to the Riyadh season, which began last month and continues for months, attracting millions of visitors.

The Boulevard was the most prominent area of ​​the Riyadh season in its first edition in 2019, while the organizers of the second edition of the entertainment season this year, worked to expand the place threefold, to reach 900,000 square meters, containing more than 10,000 parking spaces, with the aim of accommodating events And more visitors.

The district, under its new name, “Boulevard Riad City” also includes nine internal areas, including the “Boulevard Riad City Square” area, whose design was inspired by “Time Square” in New York, with giant screens, and more than 102 stores, divided between restaurants, cafes and international stores. and local.

The “Music” area includes an academy for music education, a platform for live performances, three stores selling musical instruments, and sites for selling perfumes, accessories and clothing, in addition to 8 restaurants, while visitors in the “studio area” watch live and theatrical performances, and the number of theaters in it reaches 6 theatres. Dramatic and musical plays are presented, in addition to restaurants and cafes.

The “Sport” area is full of several sports and entertainment activities, such as competition games and fighting games, in addition to international stores and local cafes for some Saudi clubs, while the “Tricadero” area is inspired by the design of “Coventry” Street in London.

The “Avalanche” area was designed to be a snowy area that includes an indoor ski hall, and includes 10 entertainment activities. Then, the “Garden” area appears in an oasis with 27 local and international restaurants, in harmony with the “Fountain” area, which is characterized by laser shows and music harmony.

In the “theaters” area, you can visit the “Mohammed Abdo Arena”, which has a capacity of 18,000 seats, and the “Abu Bakr Salem” theater, which has a capacity of more than 7,000 seats.

There are also cinemas on the Boulevard, in addition to an external theater for musical performances, in which various musical groups are hosted throughout the season, including international bands.

One of the main outdoor features in Boulevard is the impressive 12 m high set of circular digital water curtains. This spectacular double waterfall is composed by two circular digital water curtains. The bigger one spans 12 m Ø and the inner one, spans 6 m Ø. The total length of both circles together is equivalent to an almost 60 m long Digital Water Curtain. The size and scale of this project makes it to be the largest outdoor interactive digital water curtain in the world.

The double circular digital water curtain evolves in elaborated patterns to create a unique water tapestry woven with Arabic mosaics, dynamic evolutions and texts in Arabic language as well as in English.

The water curtains are lighted from above with LED RGBW lights washing the waterfall in all its length. A beautiful color symphony is created by combining the illumination of both water curtains, providing thus an awesome visual experience, not seen before, to the visitors.

The water graphics created by these digital water curtains have a nice definition and they are very interactive with the public by downloading our custom Controlidor app to a smartphone or tablet.

The nozzles are designed to develop a continuous rainfall with video projection quality, to add the possibility of projecting images and videos combined with the elaborated water sequences to make the experience of watching this unique water feature even more spectacular.

The activities of the second edition of the Riyadh season are scheduled to continue over a period of 5 months, as it will conclude at the end of next March 2022, amid expectations that its revenues will exceed 6 billion riyals achieved by the previous edition.

The entertainment season will also include more than 7,500 events held in 14 regions within the Saudi capital.

These events include ten international exhibitions, 350 theatrical performances and electronic games tournament, 100 interactive experiences, 18 Arab plays, 6 international plays, international car exhibitions and auctions, international concerts, in addition to 200 restaurants and 70 cafés that suit different tastes of the audience and all age groups.

The Riyadh season is a major event in the Kingdom’s plans to transform into a global tourist and entertainment destination, and bring great financial returns to the economy in the context of a trend to diversify sources of income..

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