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Aquatic Ballet Spa Aquaxana Las Caldas

“Nocturnal Spa”

With the complicity of the night, warm lighting, the sound of water and selected relaxing music, spending a night in the waters and relaxation areas in Aquaxana is a unique experience. In this space come together water, natural light, lighting and sound elements that give life to a scenario that will develop a unique Aquatic Ballet unprecedented in thermal establishments. A real treat to share with your couple or with a small group of friends and enjoy the latest trend in spas: diving into the water while enjoying an amazing water show and benefiting from their thermal properties at night.

Aquaxana, is the new eco spa center that has recently opened in the resort of Las Caldas Villa Termal. It is a new hydrotherapy center, where not only adults enjoy their spectacular facilities, also children spend a memorable time playing and having fun in the many areas that compose the resort. During two hours turns, relaxation, rest and nature intermingle in a unique and singular experience designed to be enjoyed day and night, 365 days a year.

Aquasfera is the main thermal space in the resort. Its design is inspired by Agrippa’s Pantheon in Rome, reproducing its grand dome of 15m in diameter and 15m high. The architectural space also incorporates the famous ‘Oculus’ or circular window on top of the dome, which allows to illuminate with sunlight the thermal pools during the day and to automatically close the hatch when playing the water shows.

The amazing Aquatic Ballet, designed, installed and programmed by International Lumiartecnia is acclaimed and waited with anticipation for the visitors, as it is the great surprise and hallmark of the center, where water, light, color and music, are the undisputed protagonists of thermal space.

The Aquatic Ballet consists of a large dome pouring parabolic jets to the main pool located 8 m below. Every single jet in the dome is controlled in its length and activation to make them dance accurately with the programmed choreographies. A great central geyser, as high as to reach the top of the dome and a large cloud of spray located at the center of the spa area, complete the aquatic show scenes.

The underwater pool and water jet lighting is performed using last generation multicolored LED lights in a harmonious way, magically lighting the set of thermal pools at night.

All lighting is controlled by the computer system Controlidor, developed specifically for this project by Lumiartecnia Internacional, creating a unique visual spectacle adapted to the different uses of the space, either illuminating dramatically the Aquatic Ballet during the water shows, or creating a relaxing environment in which the lights change on a scheduled basis to produce a chromo therapy show, changing harmoniously the light colors according to the ambient sound melodies.

From the viewpoint located on the 1st floor of Aquasfera, visitors can enjoy a moment of rest in one of the chairs, specially designed to relax, and they can see, from another perspective, the renowned Aquatic Ballet.

The Eco Thermal Pool is an outdoor swimming pool that has the peculiarity of being heated by the action of heat from our hot springs, with the added attraction of being able to be used in winter making it truly special to be enjoyed at all seasons.

Over 800 square meters of pools of various shapes and sizes, and spa areas are distributed in this relaxation new complex that is born from the bowels of the earth.

*Pictures courtesy of Aquaxana Las Caldas Villa Termal: http://www.lascaldasvillatermal.com/aquaxana.php

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