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3D Fountain

The first three-dimensional fountain in the world. This state-of-the-art fountain behaves as a three-dimensional water sculpture continually evolving in an attractive and interactive way. This project is a breakthrough in the concept of architectural fountains.

Delicias Station square is defined by consistent lines with the aesthetics of the High Speed train station building, being the water the main protagonist of the proposal. A central space with a reflecting pool offers the possibility of becoming a temporary skating ice rink; water games arising below the pavement energize the space. Bodies of small grass fields rippled by the wind between almond trees and tamaryx bushes define stay spaces near the front of the station.

The 3D Fountain is located in the middle of the square, at the strategic point that determines the confluence of flows between Navarra avenue , the entrances to the station and the start of the walkway bridge connecting these spaces to Zaragoza International Exposition

The 3D Fountain is a dry-deck 400 m² plant-shaped square matrix of 15 by 15 water jets, arranged in 15 parallel lines of 15 water jets each, spaced equidistantly, arising under the pavement level. All 225 water jets are controlled individually with accurate control over the height and position at all times. Each water jet is activated by a underwater ultrafast time response solenoid valve LI-1050 that allows the activation and deactivation of the water jets instantly. Each water jet reaches a maximum height of 5 m and it is illuminated with two white spotlights that light up only when the water jet is activated.

The 3D Fountain is designed using state-of-the-art technologies to control the fountain elements through the use of our own designed software Controlidor, multiplying all functional options, making apparent water games complexity that will allow the fountain to behave like a ‘water sculpture’ in three dimensions, always evolving in a different way, engaging and interactive.

Among other innovative features the 3D fountain will be able to write letters with the water jets by opening and closing the ultrafast valves or using the whole water jets array to create legible characters sequentially spelling out a word.

The 3D fountain has many performance and operation types creating water sculptures defined by the water jets that will continually transform from one shape to another at scheduled intervals or creating three-dimensional shapes that will evolve and scroll through the square creating abstract geometric shapes, moving water shapes forming single or multiple sine waves, spiral movements, offset by rows, individual or group appearances, fast water cuts, etc.

The 3D Fountain is highly interactive creating different modes of interaction with the fountain by using the different control systems and interfaces integrated in the installation. Using hidden sensors, water jets may deviate when visitors step inside the fountain or may rise anticipating the movement of visitors creating a fun water maze playing with the people. Through the touch screen, visitors may act directly on the water jets and play with the fountain as it was a board game, for example playing tic-tac-toe with groups of fountain jets, creating circle and cross water shapes, as visitors play in the touch screen console, etc.

The operating system is open to a constant evolution to adapt to innovations occurring in the future. It is governed by a powerful computer system equipped with specific software for this original fountain, with an interactive simulator, Internet, Bluetooth and SMSs to control the installation from anywhere.

Visitors may send a SMS to the fountain to interact with it, for example with the word ‘ball’, and the fountain will take the shape of a water ball, etc.

The 3D Fountain is also an Aquatic Ballet able to play with melodies and dance to any type music, either automatically, through a choreography made specifically for this installation or ballet designed in a special way to the beat of any music. The music can be chosen by any visitor through a touch screen placed close to the control room, close to the fountain or by sending a SMS to the fountain control system with the name of the song.

The 3D Fountain has other type of sensors, such us: wind sensors automatically reduce water jet height or even disconnecting the fountain it the wind force is excessive; water level sensors continuously monitor the water level above the pump suction to prevent damage; PH sensors check water quality while a chemical controller adds chlorine, acid or algaecides to keep the water in perfect conditions; motion sensors under the pavement detect the movement of people above the fountain water jets, allowing amazing interactive games with the 3D fountain; digital MIDI instruments which may act directly on the 3D Fountain and even play melodies simultaneously.

The jets are independently lighted with white light, as elegant compliment to the square whiteness, when every water jet is activated and it is deactivated automatically when its corresponding water jet is turned off.

During summer time the 3D Fountain occasionally becomes a refreshing, fun and interactive water playground for the kids and visitors to play with the water jets and enjoy discovering the many possibilities this original urban oasis treasures.

Along the 3d Fountain other two water elements compose the square, each with very different characteristics: a reflecting pool and a waterfall.

The presence of water is assumed to be an essential part in the management of the square, not only for its intrinsic beauty but also for its potential as a quality environmental integration major element.

The reflecting pools are designed as a large rectangular cut surface at the western end of the square. It consists, in fact, of two independent pools: a parallelogram of 20 x 38 m long at its larger base, and another of 20 x 20 m. long at its larger base, separated by a pedestrian bridge that will give the impression there is only a single pool.

The largest pond can become an ice rink if the water during winter time is chose to be frozen. The reflecting pool always is kept with low water depth. However, in their treatment as fountains, it has been considered both as reflecting pool with water filtration and purification system.

This waterfall is placed at half of one of the wedges that structured the Navarra Avenue Gardens, forming four consecutive falls descending to the bottom basin, adjacent to the main square.

The total surface describes a parallelogram 20 x 10 m at minor base and approximately 13 m at the larger base. The lower basin supports access of children, giving the possibility to play with water in summer.

Rows of white lights illuminate the transparent water films that form the waterfalls.

Each pond will have a team of filtration and purification of water to ensure proper pH level and water quality free of bacteria and algae. All water pools, including the 3D fountain have a water softening system to extend the life of machinery and prevent mechanical obstructions because of the lime.

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